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It can be difficult to resist comparing ourselves to the people around us, and sometimes we can get a little hung up on the things we would change about ourselves. Left unchecked, the worry over our own faults can start making us behave in strange and annoying ways.

One person asked users in a popular online forum, “What are some overlooked things that scream insecurity?” Here are some of the best answers.

1. Attacking Other Peoples’ Insecurities

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One comment simply reads, “Mocking another person’s insecurity. It’s usually a projection of their own issues.”

2. Undermining Someone Else’s Achievements

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“Someone seems insecure when you achieve something or improve your life in any way, and their first instinct is to tease or make fun of you. It actually screams jealousy,” says one user.

3. Shooting Down Good News

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One person adds, “People who always have something negative to say when something good happens to someone else. For example, saying things like “Oh, you’re going to hate that new job” or “They should have done x instead.” Just be happy that someone else is happy!!”

4. Never Apologizing

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“It always comes across as insecure when someone NEVER can apologize,” says one comment.

Another user adds, “Some people will twist the story, change the way it happened, and retell it so convincingly that they’ll believe their own nonsense but will never apologize.”

5. Putting Others Down To Highlight Yourself

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“When someone finds something that makes them look better than the other person and continues to overstay on that point, it usually is because of insecurity. I’m talking about situations where the person punches down on someone to make themselves feel good,” says one comment.

6. Always Having a Worse Problem

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One person adds to the conversation, “Anyone who likes ridiculing other people’s suffering, usually by trying to top it or dismiss it. Whenever you’re unwell or annoyed about something, they’ll immediately respond with how they had it worse. When the shoes are on the other foot, they’ll be a massive baby and can’t understand why no one has sympathy for them.”

7. Overreacting to Teasing, Even Though They Tease People too

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“It always looks insecure when they can give you s**t all day but can’t take it back whatsoever,” says one person

A second user shares their personal experience. They say, “This is my father-in-law! He ribs people constantly about everything and anything. The second someone goes back at him, he gets pi**ed for the rest of the day.”

8. Explaining to People How Smart They Are

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One person says, “People who are always explaining how smart they seem insecure.”

Expanding on this, another person adds, “The truly smart people I know also don’t flaunt or feel the need to flaunt it. They just are. Anyone who throws really big complex words around is usually trying to baffle you with their bulls**t and trying way too hard to sound smart in order to impress and/or intimidate you.”

9. Not Being Able To Laugh at Themselves

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“Anyone who can’t make fun of themselves or laugh at themselves is always insecure,” declares one commenter.

10. Obsessing Over Hierarchies

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“Insecure people obsess over hierarchies, or who is ‘ahead’ and who is ‘behind’ in life,” states one user.

“I have a friend that literally only wants to talk about who is ahead and behind. He has really done well for himself compared to most others in our social group, and good for him, but I have my own insecurities about being one of the behinds and would love not to be reminded of this fact when I’m out trying to have a good time,” a second user relates.

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