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It seems like something out of a bad horror movie where everyday things are ten times their standard size. Have you ever thought something would be terrifying if it were much larger? Someone polled the internet asking people, “What would be extremely scary if it was 10 times its size,” here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Canadian Geese

Canadian geese flying over water
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One person said, “Used to hate geese. Then I learned that some geese took over an airport terminal. No one could do a thing about it cuz they are protected by law.”

2. Kidney Stones

Woman holding her kidney in pain
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“The world’s largest kidney stone was over 5 inches long and weighed just over 1.75 lbs,” someone commented.

 3. Crabs

Pile of crabs
Image Credit: Leslie Billman via Shutterstock.

“Their pincers already hurt like hell, so imagine one ten times bigger, this hard-shelled tank with giant claws that could just crush your bones and tiny claws that pick at your flesh since they aren’t picky eaters and would likely slowly devour you,” somebody shared.

4. Spiders

Daddy long leg spider walking on a wet piece of fabric
Image Credit: Jarrod Erbe via Shutterstock.

“Luckily, that is scientifically impossible! Spiders used to be able to grow to over a foot, but they evolved to be smaller as an adaptation to the very low (in comparison to the past) amount of oxygen,” one person shared.

5. Interest Rates

Blocks setup to increase in height with a arrow pointing up
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“When interest rates go up, they both go up—good news for savers but bad news for borrowers,” a person said.

6. Ant

Ant on a leaf
Image Credit: Achkin via Shutterstock.

“My first thought was ants. There are billions of them. They’re incredibly strong, work as a team, and would run the world,” a person said.

7. Earwigs

Earwig bug on a rock
Image Credit: Tomasz Klejdysz via Shutterstock.

One person shared, “Just earlier, I went to grab my partner’s shoes he’d left in the garage, and they were crawling with earwigs on the inside. Icky.”

8. Suppositories

Doctor holding a pack of suppositories
Image Credit: Shidlovski via Shutterstock.

“I think at that point, they stop being suppositories. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow,” someone confessed.

9. Gorillas

Gorilla standing on the grass
Image Credit: bimserd via Shutterstock.

“Now imagine a silverback gorilla that’s TEN TIMES bigger. A literal King Kong,” someone imagined.

10. Parrots

Parrots sitting on a tree
Image Credit: khlungcenter via Shutterstock.

“Imagine dinosaurs with the intelligence of three-year-old children and the motivations that come with that intelligence,” one person posed.

11. Frogs

Frog sitting on a rock
Image Credit: Christophe F via Shutterstock.

“You have no idea the voraciousness of frogs until you spend some time really watching them,” someone shared.

12. Centipedes

Centipede sitting on a rock
Image Credit: kooanan007 via Shutterstock.

“Have you ever seen those things move? Hell, they’re pretty freaky at the size they are. Kinda cool, though,” somebody said.

13. Turkeys

Wild turkey in the woods
Image Credit: Tom Reichner via Shutterstock.

“How about turkeys? They have big claws, and they’re fairly smart—huge flocks in my area. I’d be hesitant to walk around unarmed,” someone confessed.

14. Hummingbirds

Hummingbird flying
Image Credit: Jim Cumming via Shutterstock.

“They are so beautiful. And so incredibly aggressive and territorial. They also are incredibly fast and have a spear on their face,” one person mentioned.

15. Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish swimming in the ocean
Image Credit: Rich Carey via Shutterstock.

“The cuttlefish the size of a dolphin or bigger would be scary. Especially thinking how poisonous they are,” someone stated.

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