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Getting older and growing up can be scary. When you are young, you just have no way of really knowing what to expect when you are an adult. One person asked others on a popular online forum to share what they think is cool about being an adult. Here are some of their answers.

1. Controlling Your Own Time

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“Control over my own time and money. Like, obviously, I can’t do anything illegal. But if I want to sit on the couch all day during my day off, if I want to watch cartoons in my gym shorts, if I want to buy a value pack of frozen cream puffs from Costco, I can do all of those things, and nobody can stop me.”

2. Doing Childish Stuff With More Money

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“If you have disposable income, you can spend it on ANYTHING. Including all the childhood toys you wanted, and no one will stop you. Video games? Buy away,” comments one person.

“I wanted to go back into skateboarding, spent a week really wishing I could have a skateboard…To then realize, “Wait a minute, I’m a grown man! I have a salary! I can buy a Skateboard whenever I want!” So…long story short, I have four skateboards now,” adds another user.

3. You Can Say “No” to Things

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One comment summed things up, saying, “Learning that when I’m asked to do something unreasonable, “No” really is a full sentence. What a glorious day that was.”

4. Realizing People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

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“There are so many things that you really don’t need to give an F about,” remarks one person. A second user adds, “The coolest thing about being an adult is not caring about being cool.”

“I learned early that other people’s opinions mean nothing at all unless I’m trying to get ahead/promoted at work. The only F’s I give anymore are with respect to my partner and my livelihood,” a third person comments.

5. You Can Have Cake Whenever You Want

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“I can buy a cake right now, and you can’t stop me,” says one user. Another person adds, “This is probably the adult privilege that I use the most. I’ll randomly buy a chocolate cake and have some for dinner. My mom can’t stop me now!”

6. You Can Have Sleepovers Whenever You Want

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One person says, “You can have sleepovers whenever because the only person who has to clean your house later is you, and you don’t care about doing it.”

7. You Can Treat Yourself to Mini-Vacations

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“I once stayed in a hotel on a Tuesday night because I felt like it. I got off work. Checked into a hotel. Got room service. Then checked out in the morning, showered, and changed back at my place. It was fun,” shares one user.

“I’ve done this too. Got off work, walked into an expensive restaurant in a hotel, and decided to treat myself to a nice dinner. Really liked the hotel, checked in, and stayed the night. Liked it even more, called in sick the next day, and booked another night. Put my phone on airplane mode, watched TV, ordered room service, drank wine, and read some books I had downloaded. Thanks to the freedom and financial means of being an adult,” a second person added.

8. You Get To Choose Who You Hang Out With

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One commenter remarks, “If you’re mad at someone or don’t like someone, you won’t have to talk to them ever again if you don’t want to. And you can let them know as much too, and as long as it doesn’t break the law, nobody can tell you off.”

9. You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation

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“It’s cool not having to explain yourself. Sure, you can explain yourself if you want to be polite or friendly, but one of the greatest things I’ve found about being a grown adult is that I don’t owe anyone an explanation for why I want to do something,” one comment reads.

10. You Learn That Everyone is Human, Even the ‘Adults’ You Look Up to

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“It’s cool realizing all parents are weird in their own wonderful ways,” says one person.

“I don’t remember exactly when the realization hit me, but most, if not all, of the adults you looked up to growing up are just as immature and messed up (in a good way) in the head as we were when we were teenagers. They were just better at hiding it, or we were naive to it,” adds a second comment.

11. Having Time To Grow Into Who You Want to Be

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One user shares, “Having time to grow is cool. I don’t mean physical growth, but real personal growth. When you’re young, you’re just doing your best to roll with the punches, but once you’re older, you get a chance to look back on your mistakes and figure out what you could be doing better.”

The commenter continues, “The more effort you put into improving yourself, you start to realize you can decide who you want to be. The line between who you are and who you see as the best version of yourself gets slimmer and slimmer.”

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