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Women sometimes seem like mysterious creatures to men. Why do they go to the bathroom together? What do they talk about when they get together on a girl’s night? And are they really always so emotional? Recently, women were spilling their secrets on a popular online forum. Here are 12 things men may be surprised to learn about women.

1. We Have Lots of Hair too

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“Some of us shave our toe hairs,” someone said.

Another woman agreed and added, “Yes! And the hair on top of the foot! Not very much hair, but enough that we notice it. And when we get older, it’s the plucking of that one chin hair that grows overnight.”

2. Why We Take Long Showers

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Someone said, “Sometimes >20% of shower time might be spent untangling hair from our fingers so we can move on to the next step. Factors can include the length of hair and time since the last wash.”

3. Deciphering Feminine Products

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A user shared, “Apparently pantyliners. I asked my bf to grab me some if he was heading to the supermarket anyway. He assured me he knew what they were.”

4. The Shower Wall

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“I’m a man, but I’ve been with my wife for 10 years, and I am so close to deciphering the meaning of all of the squiggly hair symbols on my shower wall,” someone said.

5. Emotions are Often Out of Our Control

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“We’re not making it up or being dramatic when we get mood swings during or right before our periods. Trust me, we hate it too. It sucks not feeling like you can control your emotions,” someone shared.

6. We Can be Gross too

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Someone said, “We are gross. We do gross things, we create gross smells, and we discuss gross stuff. We can be quite nasty.”

7. Ovulation Can be Quite Painful

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Someone said, “Sometimes you can feel yourself releasing an egg during ovulation, and it hurts. Some of us are really sensitive to pain and sensations from our ovaries/uterus.”

8. Women’s Intuition is a Real Thing

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“We all know where that one guy is. The one that makes us uncomfortable in the room even from 10 feet away. We watch out of the corners of our eyes to make sure other women are okay when that guy is near them,” a user shared.

9. We Warn Each Other About Bad Guys

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“There are local Facebook groups that girls are in, where if they match with a guy on a dating app, they will request others’ stories/advice on that specific guy. Ladies who know that guy or have any knowledge (good or bad) will post and share that knowledge,” someone said.

10. We Aren’t Always Looking for a Solution

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“Most of the time, women just want to vent. They don’t want the guy to fix their problem. That’s where a lot of guys go wrong,” a user shared.

11. We Thrive on Friendship

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A user shared, “While alone with girlfriends, we talk about guys/relationships but also our trauma and emotional issues, and how we’re growing and developing as people. I don’t know if men do that while they’re hanging out. It’s kind of cool. I like being a woman.”

12. We Can be Jealous

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Someone said, “We get mad and lowkey jealous if we find guys having features that a girl should have, e.g. Long eyelashes, long hair, beautiful lips.”

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