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Women are not the only ones who have insecurities about themselves. Men struggle with insecurities as well. They may be afraid of showing who they are or what they are interested in. While men may not like these things about themselves, women tend to find some of these insecurities very attractive. Here are 13 qualities women find attractive in men.

1. Being Shy

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Some women find it endearing when men get shy when trying something new. Being able to support their partner in their time of need makes them feel good, and they enjoy watching their walls come down once they’re comfortable again.

2. Kindness Towards Animals

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Women love seeing men say a cute “aww” to a little kitten or help a struggling animal. In a world that makes men feel like they need to be tough all the time, women find it refreshing when men show their gentle side.

3. Geeking Out

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Watching men geek out over something they love, whether sports, collectibles, or video games, is attractive to women. It is cute to see their excitement about something they love doing and their willingness to share that experience.

4. Going Gray

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Some men are self-conscious about seeing grays appear and feel the need to dye their hair. However, many women prefer a more natural look and some even find the “Silver fox” look super sexy.

5. Not Knowing

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Many women find it attractive when a man can admit they don’t know the answer to a question. Some men feel the need to make something up, but some potential partners are attracted to men who don’t act like a know-it-all.

6. Smiling

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Some men are self-conscious about their smiles or believe that smiling too much makes them look weak. Instead, women love to see a man with a big, bright smile.

7. Having a Six Pack

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A lot of men believe women won’t find them attractive if they’re not ripped with six-pack abs. Many potential partners actually prefer standard body types, even if that includes a beer belly.

8. Balding

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Some men feel insecure when they begin to lose their hair and often opt to shave it all to mask their balding. Many women are very attracted to men with bald heads.

9. Excessive Hair

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Some men feel the need to shave or wax off all their hair as they believe women don’t want a man covered in hair. But, many women find body hair to be manly.

10. Too Skinny

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Some men feel that being too skinny isn’t attractive to a partner. They think they must be the same size or bigger as their partner. But, this, too, isn’t necessarily the case. Many women find a skinny man super sexy!

11. Not Hiding

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Some men feel the need to hide their softer, feminine side. They love to bake, sew, or have other hobbies that are considered “feminine.” But, to most women, nothing is more attractive than a man in touch with his feminine side.

12. Being Nerdy

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Some men feel they need to have hobbies like fixing cars, fishing, and hunting to be considered real men. Having a nerdy side and being into computer games, math, and science is okay. Intelligence is very attractive to women.

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