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People pick up hobbies because they find something they’re passionate about. Most of the time, they think about the time they may need to invest in the hobby but not necessarily the money. But some hobbies can be incredibly expensive. Here are a few hobbies that cost a pretty penny to maintain.

1. Computer Gaming

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With the advancements in technology and the ability to build custom computers from the inside out, people go all out with spending money on the best hardware and accessories for their gaming computers.

2. Collections

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When someone has an interest in collecting items like coins, cards, or action figures, they’re willing to invest in their collection to obtain rare items. Some hope the investment will pay off one day, while others enjoy the thrill of the chase to find and acquire the item.

3. Live Music

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Having the chance to see your favorite performers live is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. People will spend crazy amounts of money to see artists live, then also spend money at the venue for food, drinks, or merch.

4. Books

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Even though some library apps like Hoopla and Libby offer free books for easy access to rentals, many people still prefer a traditional book. And, depending on how much they read at $10-$30 a book, that can add up very quickly.

5. Legos

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Legos are both fun and educational. People enjoy creating and building as a child and even into adulthood. However, many of the sets are very extravagant and have become quite expensive.

6. Tools

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When being handy, many people have their own “shop” at home. This involves investing money into tools. Many tools, especially when getting into power tools, it can cost a pretty penny.

7. Home Bar

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When having an at-home bar, it can be tempting to stock it with everything an everyday bar offers. Starting that collection of bottles can get expensive, especially when restocking them once they run out.

8. Gardening

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Keeping up with the lawn work is essential when you own a home. It can be tempting to expand the garden and add new plants. Not only can plants become expensive, but all the tools, specialty dirt, and fertilizers needed to keep up with maintenance.

9. Pets

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Having a dog may not seem like it would be expensive at first glance, but they need food, toys, and vet appointments, which can all add up, not to mention all the cute clothing and costumes to purchase for them.

10. Unhealthy Habits

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Unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes can add up. Not only are they addictive and harmful, they are very hard to quit. They are causing someone to spend lots of money on something they should not do.

11. Eating Out

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With the convenience and variety, people eat out a lot. It can add up if it is happening more than occasionally. Depending on the type of restaurant, there are other payments to factor in tips and service charges.

12. Makeup

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If someone loves makeup, having the latest item launched and needing all the different types of makeup and their application tools can be costly. Especially if someone prefers luxury brands.

13. Horses

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Purchasing the horse is the cheapest part. It will also need a financial investment into upkeep, food, board, and clothing. It is a costly pet to own.

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