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In our society, many things can be considered a scam. Most of the time, people don’t even realize what’s going on and play into the situation. Or they have no choice but to go along with it because they don’t have another option. Here are 13 things that have been normalized but many people consider to be a scam.

1. Service Fees for Paying Online

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When using debit or credit cards, service fees can be added to cover the fees the merchant pays. The scam lies when you are only allowed to pay online for something like rent; then, they force a service charge.

2. School Books

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When attending a class where a book is required, it’s very common that the books have been marked up, and the teacher gets a cut for selling the book. Sometimes, even though the books are “required” for the class, the teacher doesn’t even use them in the lessons.

3. Subscription Services for Cars

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Subscription services are all the rage now. Many companies, including car manufacturers, are considering the subscription service model for things like heated seats and performance modes.

4. Health Care

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When getting health care, there are a lot of things that need to be covered. Many healthcare plans don’t include dental coverage, but the health of your teeth dramatically impacts your overall health.

5. Insurance

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Insurance is mandatory on many things like cars and homes. It is paid month after month, and when the day comes, it is needed; the insurance companies often deny your claim on a technicality or try to cover as little as possible.

6. Inflation

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Since Covid, inflation is the new “it term” thrown around to justify raising prices, although plenty of businesses have earned record-setting profits. Still, it seems as though inflation is blamed for many things going wrong.

7. Multi-Level Marketing

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MLM businesses have recently started to be recognized as a scam as they lure potential members with the promise of making money and owning their own businesses. They usually require an investment of money to purchase products to get started—those who do sign up typically have a tough time making sales or obtaining other promises offered.

8. Extended Warranties

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In most cases, the products that they are sold with it isn’t needed. Most of the time, by the time the warranty is needed, it is no longer valid, or it doesn’t cover the damage that has been done.

9. Supplements

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Most supplements are scams because the body can only absorb so much. You end up flushing the majority of them down the toilet as your body excretes them.

10. The Lottery

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It is rigged to give enough of a taste of small winnings to activate dopamine and get the player to purchase more to try to win again. The chances of winning a jackpot are so slim.

11. Digital vs. Physical

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Paying the same price for a digital product as a physical one is a scam. Many video games charge the same fee for the hard copy as purchasing the digital version.

12. Businesses Purchasing Residential Properties

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When businesses scoop up residential properties, it becomes more challenging for those needing a house. Not only does this practice take homes off the market, but it also drives up the prices of houses and rentals.

13. Baby Formula

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The prices of baby formula are ridiculous. The only reason someone opts to purchase the formula is because they can’t produce their milk or their baby has specific dietary needs so it feels like a scam to make it so expensive to feed your baby.

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