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Oh, how the world has changed since we were young, naive little children. Growing up, we were taught by our parents and teachers how to navigate this great, big world, but was everything they told the truth? Is there something you wish you could go back in time and show them that they were wrong? A group of people discussed truths they believed to be true that turned out to be wrong later in life.

You Won’t Have a Calculator in Your Pocket at All Times

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What a line that was. Remember stressing out in algebra class learning how to do multiplication and division? We all had to learn it because calculators weren’t always available. Not anymore. Cell phones make simple math easy. While you can’t break down complex calculus equations on your iPhone, simple equations no longer involve sweat and tears.

The Food Pyramid

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Fad diets are constantly changing as research in nutrition gets more and more advanced. Most dietitians agree the food pyramid we grew up following is wrong in so many ways. It was almost impossible to live up to the servings that thing suggested. Who can eat all that bread and pasta? I mean, I probably could, but it wouldn’t be good for me.

College is the Only Pathway for Success

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I stressed myself out trying to get into college, only to stress myself out even more when it came time to get a degree. Why? Because I was told that was the only way to be successful in life. It’s hard to ask a young person to pick a major at eighteen. Many of my friends chose trade schools or entered the workforce and have had very lucrative and rewarding careers. It took me years to pay off student loans for a degree I did not even use!

Company Loyalty

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Sticking to a company can be a great goal, but only if that company treats you right. Loyalty was a trait preached to me when I was a young man entering the workforce. In reality, sometimes companies treat their employees horribly. Why should anyone stay loyal to a place like that? Many young professionals advocate finding new employers offering better pay and benefits. Often, it’s the only way to get a pay raise. Bouncing around from different workplaces is no longer viewed as un-loyal but as a means of promotion.

Dietary Fat is Bad for You

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There was a big trend in the 90s and early 2000s where “health food” was labeled as fat-free. Everyone was terrified of fat in their foods. Sure, you don’t want to gorge on foods full of fat, but a healthy diet needs fat to be productive. The real danger is sugar. Sugar is now what most experts believe to cause weight gain in humans.

You Need To Know How To Write in Cursive

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Cursive is now a skill only a few possess and need. I last used cursive when I left grade school. I can still read it, but I don’t have the need to. One person says, “I feel cursive actually made my penmanship way worse. I’ve always had lousy handwriting from the start, but when I learned cursive, all my poorly written letters got mashed together in this terrible print/cursive hybrid, and it’s been the same ever since.”

You Only Use 10% of Your Brain

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Remember this doozy of a myth. It’s all made up. The truth is we use all of our brains, according to the top neurologists. The brain fires different synapses at different times, so while part of our brain works, the other parts take a much-needed break. Imagine how crazy it would be if our brains were going 100 percent at all times. That would be chaotic.

Hide Your Emotions

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This one has been exposed in the last decade, and I’m glad it has. In the past, young boys were told to hide their feelings as a sign of toughness. Young girls were told they were too emotional. This is not the case anymore. Strong mental health and emotional expression are beneficial to all. Therapy is a tool many have been using to better themselves and their surroundings.

Plastic Bags Will Save the Environment

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Plastic has done some amazing things, but at one point, it was considered a savior over paper bags. Paper bags were killing trees, and they needed to be banned, so plastic bags were brought into grocery stores. Now, plastic bags are the enemy, and we need reusable bags. Meanwhile, paper is just as easily recycled.

Pluto Was a Planet

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That little planet at the end of our solar system isn’t actually a planet anymore. My whole life, I was taught it was. Turns out it is a Dwarf Planet. My seven-year-old nephew taught me this fact. Maybe a lie he has been told is that his elders are smarter than him? Not in this case.

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