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One of the most popular age-old questions is, if our animals could talk to us, what would we say to them? If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably thought about this already, and for some, there are things we’d tell our companions right away. Talking to our furry friends would be amazing, and to think of the personality our animal would have is even better! Here are 10 things people would love to tell their pets if given the opportunity…

1. Show Their Appreciation

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Letting our pets know how much we love them daily is important, even if they don’t understand us. So, if we could actually talk to them, letting them know we love them would be at the top of the list. From how much you appreciate them to the times you needed them the most, letting them know your love word by word would be extra special.

2. Misunderstood

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When it comes to crate time, being able to communicate to your pet that they’re not in trouble would be a game changer. Especially after surgery or being sick, rest is the best thing for your pet, and the best way to ensure they’re resting instead of playing is by keeping it in a crate. So, it would take your guilt away if your pet understood they were not being punished, rather you’re trying to help them heal!

3. Be Obedient

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One of pet owners’ biggest fears is trimming their pet’s nails or claws, which can be an excruciating process. Some owners get bit or scratched when the animal needs its claws trimmed. This process often seems unsettling to the animal, so perhaps if we could better communicate what we were trying to do, the pet would be able to remain calm!

4. Patience

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When you finally sit down for your meal after work, you look to your left and see a little dog begging. And while most people know that feeding their animals table food is not healthy for them, many people like to indulge their pets to make them happy. Explaining to their pups that they will get a taste once you finish your meal could keep them from begging at their feet the entire time.

5. Communication

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Having your pet give you a specific signal or a code for something they want would be very convenient for everyone. In addition, if your pet was capable of letting you know when it was sick and what they were feeling, it could save a lot of money on vet bills!

6. Potty Training

Potty training for dog
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One of the most dreadful parts of owning a pet is the potty training phase. Some animals adapt to this very well, while others do not. Although it depends on the type of animal being potty trained, being able to explain to your pet where and when to use the bathroom would prevent a lot of messes!

7. This or That

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Cats tend to scratch at things, which is good when using a scratching post or other functional tool. Unfortunately, some cats don’t know the difference between a couch and a scratching post. So, being able to tell them not to ruin the sofa would be a great advantage…to your couch and your bank account.

8. Animal Love

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We’ve all witnessed animals seeming to fall in love with one another or make a friend. Being able to tell your pet when they will get to see their loved one again would be so sweet. Animals can experience love at first sight, too!

9. Vet Visits

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Taking your pet to the veterinarian for preventative care should be mandatory for all pet owners. Although most animals hate going to the vet, it is a must if you want to keep them living as long as possible. Perhaps if we could explain a vet visit to our pets as we do a doctor’s visit to a child, it wouldn’t be as scary to them!

10. Keep it Down

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As much as we love our animals, there are times when we would really appreciate them being quiet, such as when the baby is sleeping or you are on a phone call. Though animals’ version of “talking” is adorable at times, it would be very helpful if they could understand our requests for silence and oblige.

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