Vulture walking about

Most animals are cute and cuddly, but some are downright terrifying. And while we may not want to come face to face with them, in reality, many are greatly misunderstood. An online poll highlights animals that have bad reputations but, in reality, have many redeemable qualities. Here are some of the top contenders.

1- Vultures

Vulture walking about
Image Credit: EcoPrint via Shutterstock.

“The pH level of their stomach acid is the lowest of any animal in the animal kingdom. Its acidity is so strong it can dissolve any organism, bones and all, which helps prevent the spread of diseases,” offered one user.

2 – Rhinos

Rhinoceros in a field
Image Credit: JONATHAN PLEDGER via Shutterstock.

“Rhinos, actually pretty gentle for their size. Hippos are the real a**holes,” someone said.

3 – Snapping Turtles

Large snapping turtle walking
Image Credit: Tyler Clemons via Shutterstock.

“Snapping turtles. So many people are afraid to move them out of the road. Just pick them up by placing both hands on the bottom of their shell on either side of their tails,” someone said.

4 – Opossums

Opossum walking around the grass
Image Credit: Arend Trent via Shutterstock.

One person said, “Despite the mean mug and demon-looking eyes, they are not aggressive and generally clean creatures.”

5 – Armadillos

Armadillo walking through the grass
Image Credit: Christopher Biggs via Shutterstock.

“Notorious for carrying pandemic-level flesh-eating diseases. In reality, extremely few are recorded to have said disease, which is easily treatable with antibiotics if symptoms even surface,” someone said.

6 – Daddy Long Legs

Daddy long leg spider walking on a wet piece of fabric
Image Credit: Jarrod Erbe via Shutterstock.

“Daddy Long Legs spiders. They’re harmless, but they feel like they are crawling all over my soul,” one user confessed.

7 – Black Cats

Black cat walking through a yard
Image Credit: Giedriius via Shutterstock.

“One of the oldest superstitions is that a black cat is evil and will bring bad luck. Black cats have the highest rate of euthanasia (74.6%) and the lowest rate of adoption (10.0%) of any color,” someone shared.

8 – Sharks

Great white shark baring his teeth in the ocean
Image Credit: Martin Prochazkacz via Shutterstock.

“Survived ALL FIVE mass extinctions, and we’re going to be the ones to wipe them out because a movie made us afraid and callous towards them,” another user commented.

9 – Bats

Bat flying through the sky
Image Credit: Rudmer Zwerver via Shutterstock.

Someone said,” Bats are one of the best pollinators in the world. They kill crazy amounts of bugs.”

10 – Hyenas

Hyena walking through the trees
Image Credit: Ondrej Prosicky via Shutterstock.

“Hyenas are also highly intelligent animals with complex social structures and excellent memory,” someone said.

11 – Rats

Rat sniffing on the street
Image Credit: Rapieff via Shutterstock.

“Apparently, domesticated rats are intelligent, cuddly, and playful, among other good pet qualities,” a person said.

12 – Wolves

Grey wolf walking through the snow
Image Credit: Vlada Cech via Shutterstock.

“They’re always interpreted as evil and highly predatory to humans and livestock. The truth is they’re way more afraid of us than them, and attacks on humans are extremely rare,” a person said.

13 – Crows

Crow sitting on a branch
Image Credit: Dennis Jacobsen via Shutterstock.

“In India, crows are unholy according to religion, but they are known for their remarkable intelligence,” a person said.

14 – Tasmanian Tigers

Figure of extinct Tasmanian Tiger in a museum
Image Credit: Danny Ye via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Tasmanian tigers were all snuffed out for eating sheep. After they were all killed, it was discovered that their jaws weren’t strong enough to puncture sheep skin.”

15 – Bees

Bees buzzing around
Image Credit: Darios via Shutterstock.

“Kids are often scared of bees (adults too) because they sting, but bees are absolutely vital to growing fresh fruit,” someone said.

16 – Pigeons

Pigeons standing on the street
Image Credit: PauliusPeleckis via Shutterstock.

“They’re completely domesticated animals that were kept by humans for thousands of years until they were just dumped on the streets en mass once they fell out of usefulness,” a person said.

17 – Barracuda

Barracuda swimming through the ocean
Image Credit: aquapix via Shutterstock.

“Barracuda; as a dive instructor, many clients have a fear of fish. But they are really calm and mesmerizing to see,” a person said.

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