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As we go through life, we learn something from each of our personal experiences. Someone can try and tell you, but often these are just things you need to experience yourself for them to sink in. Recently, women discussed some of the life lessons they learned way too late in life on an online platform. Here are some of the top responses.

1. No One Knows

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“I have had some bosses who were hopelessly incompetent, and I always wondered how they had been so successful,” someone said.

2. Morals and Values

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One person said,” The morals and values you were raised with may not be the same morals and values you believe when you’re an adult. It’s okay to believe something different.”

3. Safety

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“Your safety is the no.1 priority. If you feel you’re in danger, just leave. Better alive and rude than polite and dead. I mean this in general for everyone,” someone said.

4. The Time is Now

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“There is no guarantee you will always have time to do things later. Do what you can do now, not later, since that later might not come,” someone said.

5. Don’t Worry

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One woman mentioned, “A switch flipped at 40, where I’ve come into my own, am comfortable in my own skin and style, and don’t give a darn about others’ opinions.”

6. Listen to Your Gut

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“You never have to do something you don’t want to do. Nobody should have more control over you than you do,” another replied.

7. Show Compassion

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A user said, “You’ll feel liberated when you show compassion instead of judgment; you will be less bothered over little stuff that doesn’t matter.”

8. Actions

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A person said, “Believe people’s actions, not their words. Talk is cheap, but it’s much harder to put effort into doing what you say you will and living the values you say you believe in.”

9. Lower Your Expectations

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“No one is going to come to save you. Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you. Learn to be self-reliant and independent,” a person said.

10. Let Them Go

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“If they want to go, let them go. There is no need to put extra effort into making them stay. You’re only running in the same cycle,” someone said.

11. Don’t Take it Personally

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A person said, “Detach from your ego and listen to what others are trying to communicate to be truly empathetic.”

12. Stop Overcompensating

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“I am not a mind reader, and I will no longer jump to assumptions or overcompensate because I feel like I am failing or not good enough,” a person said.

13. Set Boundaries

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“My emotional and mental health comes first, always. This means learning to appropriately set boundaries and say no,” someone said.

14. Timelines May Not Match

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“Society’s timeline will not match your own. That’s 100% okay. You are not a failure, loser, or whatever,” a person said.

15. Believe Them

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Someone said, “If someone tells you who they are, believe them. “I’m just an a*s; you’ll have to deal with it” No, thank you.”

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