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When kids are little and learning to speak, it can take them a while to get the hang of how to pronounce certain letter combinations, or they remember how to say the word or the phrase incorrectly. Here are some of the top-voted hilariously mispronounced words.

1. Cheese is Christ

Someone shared, “When my daughter was 4.5 years old, she was struggling one morning to get her pants on and was getting more and more frustrated. Finally, she throws the pants down on the floor and, in total exasperation, throws her arms down and shouts, “Cheese is Christ!!!!”

2. Home-aloma

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One user said, “We are in the process of moving to Oklahoma. Or as my 4-year-old likes to tell people, “My daddy is making me go to Home-aloma.”

3. Obama

Someone shared, “We’re still working on talking with my kid, but my best friend’s kid pronounces Moana as “Obama.”

4. Buffoon

“My kid couldn’t say, “balloon” and instead said, “buffoon.” Our city holds the largest hot air balloon gathering in the world, so he would say, “Look at all the buffoons!” And tell all his little friends about “flying buffoons,” someone said.

5. Elegator

“My son used to combine “elevator/escalator” and alligator. So we would go up the elegator or skelagator (escalator). He also used to call a backpack a “pack pack,” and I still call it that to this day. He’s 23,” a person shared.

6. Popbeepbeeps

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“When my kid was 1.5 years old, Popsicles were called Pop-beep-beeps. We still enjoy a nice popbeepbeep from time to time,” someone commented.

7. Eyebaws

“Particularly strange one. I have an 8-year-old, and she is generally pretty good at spelling, but I found out the other day when testing her words that she thinks the things we see with are our ‘Eyebaws’ She said, ‘Well, I’ve just never seen it written down, and I just always thought that’s what people were saying!’,” a user divulged.

8. Hey Ketchup

“There were many, but one of my favorites was when our youngest would try to use the amazon echo, and instead of “Hey Alexa,” what came out was “Hey ketchup.” Many requests for ketchup to play “baby shark doo-doo” went unfulfilled,” a person said.

9. Satan

Santa Claus with her arms folded
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“My daughter used to say “Satan” instead of “Santa.” She also decided that because we don’t have a fireplace, the air vents in the ceiling are our chimney that Santa comes down, so she was telling everyone that came into the house that Satan was in our air vents,” someone shared.

10. Basghetti

“Spaghetti is always an interesting one. It was “basghetti” when I was a kid. For my 3 1/2-year-old boy, it’s BOskelly. I’ve informed everyone in my family to get on board; that’s what it is called now, hahaha,” someone said.

11. Tabwit

“It’s not my kid, but I loved watching the evolution of my niece saying tablet. It started as “tabwit”, then tab-a-lit, and finally tablet. I was a little sad when she started pronouncing it correctly. I’m really excited to see which words my son (just turned two months) will mispronounce,” a user shared.

12. Almond Plumbers

Arnold Palmer drink with lemons and a pitcher
Image Credit: Brent Hofacker via Shutterstock.

“Kiddo isn’t even a year yet, so definitely looking forward to this stage, but my brothers called Arnold Palmers “almond plumbers” when we were little,” someone commented.

13. Treasure Dat

A user said, “With my 3-year-old, for some reason “alphabet” is anything but. She says all forms of “treasure dat,” “Cheshire chet” “cacodat”

14. Hanitizer

“My three-year-old has shortened hand sanitizer to “hanitizer,” and I won’t be correcting that anytime soon, if ever,” someone shared.

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