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For the average person today, just getting by and paying the bills can be a struggle. Whether they know it or not, rich people can say things that seem insensitive to the struggles someone less fortunate may be going through. In a recent online poll, these people revealed some of the most out-of-touch (and borderline offensive) things they’ve heard rich people say.

1. The Same Age

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A user shared, “Isn’t it funny we are the same age, but my dad bought me a condo, and you have to work two jobs?”

2. The “Help’s House”

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“Built a 3 million plus house for a couple. After the neighbors built their home, we talked, and the wife said, “That little house is so dinky. We have a joke that we call ‘the help’s house.” “Now, this is still a 750k-1million home, no less. Just struck me as not very grounded,” a person exclaimed.

3. Dream Car

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Somebody mentioned, “I was working at a car dealership and saw the owner pull up in a $250k Porsche GT3. I told him how much I loved the car and dreamed of owning one someday. The owner looked at me confused and said, “What do you mean? We sell them right here, you know?”

4. Expensive Storage

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“They lived in Boston, and we were talking about how small condos are there. They were lamenting that they had no space and, as a result, had to buy another condo (this was Beacon Hill) because they ran out of space to store their Persian rugs,” a person said.

5. Pricey Beauty Treatments

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“I have no hair on my body! You should have your husband take you to get laser hair removal! It only cost me $10,000,” someone explained.

6. The 1%

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“Rich person’s kid: Gosh, I can’t find any babysitting jobs. They’ve been taken by the 1%. Rich parent: Honey, you are the 1%,” somebody explained.

7. The Essentials

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“I was talking to my manager about a mistake on a check.

Me: This isn’t enough to cover my daughter’s daycare for the month. Her: Well, what did you do with the money you were just paid? Ma’am. Food, rent, electricity, and car payments. Boom, check gone,” someone expressed.

8. Travel the World

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“I was between jobs, and a bunch of my friends told me I should take the time to travel the world,” someone mentioned.

9. Ask Your Mom

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A user said, “I was venting to a schoolmate about not being able to have a car. She said, “Why don’t you just ask your mom?” It broke my brain. Like yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”

10. Backpacking

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“Met a guy on a backpacking trip who said he couldn’t understand why all these backpackers stayed in hostels when there are so many hotels around,” one person recalled.

11. Break Ground

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“Money has been tight, so we have to wait a couple more weeks before we break ground on the new air-conditioned stable for the horses,” someone shared.

12. Never Been?

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“You’ve never been to Disney? Did your parents not love you or something?” My parents were raising three kids, working two jobs on poverty wages,” a user exclaimed.

13. Just Chill

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“I was going through a bad time financially, and my mental state was very low. A woman told me, “When I feel depressed, I go to India for a month and just chill. That always cheers me up” in a manner that I took as I ought to do it if I had any sense,” a person explained.

14. Unexpected Personal Expenses

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“One Big 4 partner to another when talking about some unexpected personal expenses in a room full of junior staff: it’s only 50k, but still. The whole room went silent,” someone shared.

15. Hobbies

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“A new executive came on and was talking about her hobbies. They included white water rafting and flipping houses,” a person explained.

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