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Many single people will say that dating in current times can be quite challenging. And though the advent of dating services and apps is supposed to make things more convenient, some may say that conventional ways are still good for meeting a prospective partner.

If your current methods of finding a partner haven’t yet panned out, here are 15 traditional ways people have met their partner.

1. Barnes & Noble

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“We met in our college sophomore year, 1969. We were classmates and coworkers at the Barnes & Noble college bookstore. We married in 1972 and still are. Inside tip: marry your best friend,” someone suggested.

2. Mutual Friends

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“She was given my number by mutual friends in another state. We met for dinner the following Saturday, and I was in love before the weekend ended,” a person expressed.

3. Football Game

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“In 1967, I met my future bride at a high school football game. We were both 16 and married when we graduated from college six years later. That was 50 years ago,” somebody reminisced.

4. eHarmony

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“My kids harped on me to do eHarmony. I made my profile unachievable for a man to come close to what I wanted in a partner to prove to my kids that online dating wouldn’t work. Then, he came along and exceeded all my expectations,” one woman proclaimed.

5. City Boy Meets Farm Girl

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“We met at a party in March of our senior year of high school. I’m a city boy; she’s a farm girl. A classic story that took a bunch of weird turns,” one man explained.

6. School Bus

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“Met my husband on the school bus as a senior in high school in 1992. It was love at first sight for both of us. I know that sounds trite, but it’s true. We are now 48 and have been married for 23 years,” somebody said.

7. College Cafeteria

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“I was 22, and she was 20. We have been together since almost the day we met in the college cafeteria. Married now 26 years,” someone mentioned.

8. No More Than a Week

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A person said, “Met in college through a mutual friend in 1986. She was a year ahead. Met again in Boston through the same friend in 1989, then in early 1990…and haven’t been apart for more than a week since!”

9. First Day on the Job

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“Mr. P and I met on my first day on the job, as we were journalists and coworkers. We married three years later, and later, I decided to stay home with our children. My husband’s also an attorney, and his salary could support a family, which mine couldn’t. No regrets, though, or very few,” someone mentioned.

10. In a Random Bookstore

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“2000 in a random bookstore, I was 27, and he was 29, just felt comfortable around one another. 23 years later, with three kids, one is going to college soon. It hasn’t always been easy, but he makes me laugh, is kind, and puts me and our kids first in life and vice versa,” someone expressed.

11. University Library

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“We worked for the same university library. We were arbitrarily thrown together to work on the monthly newsletter. We are both decent writers and throughout the two newsletters we agreed to edit, we fell in love. We got together for good, no joke, on 9/11/2001. I am 59, she is 50,” somebody divulged.

12. Glad I Didn’t Settle

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“I was 36, he was turning 40—5 years married now—first marriage for both of us. I’m so glad I didn’t settle for OK when I was younger,” a person exclaimed.

13. Childhood Neighbors

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“We moved in next door when I was 16; she was the little 12-year-old neighbor girl. We started dating while she was in college and married three years later. This Sept. 23rd, it’ll be 34 years of bliss knowing that I was put on this earth to please just this person,” someone expressed.

14. Community Theater

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“I met my future husband onstage during a community theater production in 1982. I was 23. We will be married 40 years next February,” someone said.

15. Brought Back Together

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“Met when we were both 16, my first girlfriend. We went our separate ways; each had our own family. Life brought us back together 25 years later. Life couldn’t be better,” one person explained.

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