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When you lose a loved one, it is never easy. Sometimes you know it is going to happen, and other times it happens out of the blue. Many people, no matter the circumstance, have something they would love to say to their loved ones if they were still here today. Some regret never saying it in the first place, and others want to say it one last time. We found a list of things people would love to say to their loved ones if they were still here.

1. I Love You

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“I grew up in a family where the men/boys were looked down on if we were to show affection. Over my twenty years of life, I hadn’t told my father that I loved him. The ambulance had left, taking his body to the morgue; I was alone in the house,” someone shared.

2. Goodbye

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Someone said, “Oddly, my older sister passed away today. She found out she had cancer on May 12th and died in her sleep this morning. I would have liked to tell her goodbye and that I loved her.”

3. Pole Beans

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A user said, “As soon as I told my grandmother all the usual things like “I love you” and “It’s not the same without you,” I’d ask her how the hell she got her pole beans to taste so good. I can’t seem to get it right.“

4. I’m Sorry

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A user said, “I’m sorry I was always so impatient. I’m sorry I didn’t better understand just how difficult some things were for you. I’m sorry I kept pushing “healthy” instead of just letting you enjoy the things you wanted to enjoy at the end. I’m sorry I avoided difficult conversations.“

5. You’d Be Proud

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“Hey babe, your kids are kicking a*s and grew into adults you’d be proud of, but you knew they would!” a user said.

6. What Are You Doing…

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“Mom! What are you doing here?! You’re a hundred and eleven years old!!,” someone said

7. He’s My Husband

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Someone said, “I would tell my mom that the black boy she refused to let me be friends with became my best friend, boyfriend, and husband of 31 years. That she was wrong to be racist.”

8. I Made it Out

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“Hey Mama, I made it out. I’m a nurse, which you always wanted. I’m doing good. I miss you,” a person said.

9. You Were Right

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“I wish I could tell my Daddy that he was right. About life, situations, and toxic people to avoid. I see now what he meant, and I didn’t listen to him about things that I should have, and my life would have been so much easier. I miss him,” a person said.

10. How Did You Do It?

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Someone said, “Mom – Did we do everything we could to make you comfortable before you passed away? Meet your great-grandson; he loves to hear stories about you. Finally, how in the hell did you put up with Dad for 52 years?”

11. More Time

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A user said, “I loved you so much. The time we spent together meant so much to me. I wish we could have had more time.”

12. Come Home

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Someone said, “Come home. My heart still aches for you 31 years later. You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought as I drift to sleep calling out to you to be in my dreams. Always and forever.”

13. Let’s Talk

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“Dad – I know we were never close, but you died right before. I think we could have changed that. Sit down and let’s talk about everything you have missed,” someone said.

14. All the Stuff

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Someone said, “Why did you insist on keeping all your stuff? It’s been literally, the hardest part of losing my parents is having to decide what to throw away, what to sell, what to give away, and what to keep. They had 64 years of stuff they refused to get rid of.”

15. A Love Story

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One person replied, “Both my parents have passed. I would ask them to tell me the story of falling in love, getting engaged.”

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