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Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone wants to feel like they are a part of the “in crowd.” And while each person’s idea of what’s “cool” is subjective, there’s no doubt some people will take extreme measures to be considered one of the cool kids. Here are 15 hilarious examples.

1. Wore Backward Pants

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“Wore my pants backward during the 90s when Kris Kross was popular; so glad we didn’t have social media back then,” a person confessed.

2. Did a Backflip

Young kid doing a backflip on a trampoline
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A user mentioned, “When I was 8, my sister had her friends over, all teenagers, and trying to be cool, I jumped on the trampoline in front of them and told them I’d do a backflip. I’d never done a backflip, so I landed on my neck, bounced off the trampoline, and broke my wrist.”

3. Used a Tanning Booth

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“Had a lady friend that was into those. I only did it five times. I was so dark; the grey hair on my chest was literally glowing,” somebody said.

4. Drank too Much

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“Went to a party and chugged six Mike’s Hard Lemonades and then threw up for several hours. Nobody else at the party was even a little drunk,” someone shared.

5. Spent the Night in Jail

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“Got pulled over for playing my car stereo too loud. I took the ticket and turned it back up. I took another ticket and turned it back up. I took a third ticket and turned it back up. Spent the night in jail,” a person confessed.

6. Wore Hoodies in the Heat

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Someone exclaimed, “In junior high, I wore a hoodie all year because I thought it would make me look gangsta. This included those balmy 90+ degree Texas days.”

7. Lied

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“Told someone I had a pet turkey. I have no idea why. I was like six and thought it would be cool. How did I get out of the lie? Well, conveniently, Thanksgiving was right around the corner,” a person said.

8. Faked an Autograph

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“In second grade, I forced my mom to sign “Nolan Ryan” on my ball and took it to school to tell everyone I caught it at a game. It didn’t take long for it to be pointed out that what I had brought was, in fact, a softball, not a baseball,” someone shared.

9. Climbed a Tree

Kite stuck up in a tree
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“In 3rd grade, I climbed a tree to get a friend’s kite down. I had a crush on her. When I was up pretty high, a branch broke. I fell and broke my arm. I went home acting like everything was cool and cried as soon as I got home,” someone said.

10. Did the Worm

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Somebody shared, “Did the worm in front of a crush in elementary school once. No music or anything; I just got on the floor and did the worm. That one is a mainstay in my nighttime embarrassing memory replay.”

11. Jumped Over a Fountain

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“I jumped over a fountain pond in front of a bunch of people at my high school. Probably would have been a better memory if I had made it across,” somebody divulged.

12. Ate Worms

Young girl in raincoat putting a worm in her mouth
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Someone shared, “In 5th grade, I ate a live worm from a girl’s science project (she allowed it) to try to get her attention/impress her.”

13. Carried a Pick

Man putting pick in his back pocket
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“Carried a pick in my back pocket in elementary school. I was a pasty suburban white kid in the 70s, but I saw it on Welcome Back Kotter, and to this day, I have big hair,” someone said.

14. Faked an Injury

Teen boy looking at an injury on his knee
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A person admitted, “Did this when I was in 9th standard; tried to walk like I was injured in my leg so that I could get the attention of my crush.”

15. Not Show Emotions

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“Deliberately not show emotions and just meh through everything to show how cool I was. Even today, I find it tough to get excited over really awesome things, and I’m 30,” a person said.

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