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There is no doubt that men and women are different. Society even holds men and women to different standards. Sometimes, they are outdated and should be re-evaluated to be more inclusive. Here are 13 things women can do that men are secretly envious of.

1. Office Dress Code

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Men envy the options that women have when it comes to the office dress code. Women have options when it comes to sleeve length and style. Men don’t have as many opportunities for the warmer weather and get stuck wearing clothing that is uncomfortable.

2. Interacting With Children

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It is much easier for a woman to interact with a small child and not be labeled as a creep. However, if a man were to approach a child they didn’t know and interact with them, they would usually be seen as a weirdo.

3. Bathroom Etiquette

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Some men are jealous of the bathroom etiquette of women. How women will go together, wait for each other, and come back together.

4. Clothing Choices

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Many men are jealous of women’s ability to choose to wear clothing that traditionally would be for men and not have the backlash. Men who tried to wear something a woman could be considered odd.

5. Emotional Validation

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Women can be vulnerable and express their emotions more easily. If a man were to do the same, they wouldn’t get the validation of their feelings as quickly.

6. Flexibility

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Some men who are into sports where flexibility is an asset said they wished they had the same flexibility as the women. In sports like martial arts, it is an asset to have.

7. Knowing Where Everything is

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For some reason, most women have a keen sense of where items are. If something needs to be found, they can recall exactly where they saw it last.

8. Giving Birth

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Many men wish they could experience bringing life into the world. They want to know what it feels like to have life growing inside them and the bonding that comes with it.

9. Making Friends

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For some reason, women can easily make friends with other women, and their relationships quickly grow into deep connections.

10. Giving Compliments

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It is complimenting other women without being looked at as weird. When a man compliments another man, it is judged as being odd.

11. Self-Care

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The fact that women are able to do things and buy things for themselves and are able to call it “self-care.” Society doesn’t give men the same benefits when it comes to taking care of their mental health.

12. Becoming an Influencer

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Some men have wanted to become influencers and found it more challenging. Where many influencers tend to be women.

13. Maternal Instinct

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Women can naturally know what to do to care for their children. The type of bond that naturally builds between them and their child. Many men wish that they could experience this natural maternal bond.

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