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Most people aren’t afraid to say what they like. Likely because it either fits into what society deems attractive or what they are going to say doesn’t make someone feel self-conscious. But there are also plenty of things people like but don’t often admit as they may not typically be considered “attractive” to the masses. Here are 15 things people find attractive but are afraid to say.

1. Big Noses

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Some people love big noses. However, they’re often afraid to say anything because most people are so insecure about the size of their noses.

2. Hand Veins

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People with hand veins can be insecure about them, in particular women. But there are plenty of people who do love women with veiny hands.

3. Prominent Ears

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Having ears that poke outward can be an insecurity for some, as they may feel that they look goofy or silly. But plenty of people find it cute and endearing.

4. Being Tall

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For women, being tall isn’t something that society deems attractive. Especially if they are thicker as well. However, many people are extremely attracted to this body type.

5. Eyebrows

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Many people find eyebrows attractive. They are too afraid to say anything or voice what this is because they feel odd for finding it beautiful.

6. The Smell of Sweat

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Many people love the smell of sweat. In particular when men have come home from doing physical labor.

7. Skinny Men

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Thin men can be self-conscious about the fact that they aren’t muscular. However, many people find things men attractive. They are afraid to say so because of the fear of hurting feelings.

8. Older Women

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Many people love to date older women but are too afraid to say anything because they fear looking like they have mommy issues.

9. Sensitive Men

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When a man shows sensitivity and nurturing to a child or animal, many women can’t help but be attracted to it. They can be too afraid to say they like this, though, as it may appear like a woman looking just to get married or tie the man down.

10. Body Hair

Woman getting laser hair removal on her legs
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Society has given body hair a negative perspective for both men and women. Many people love a natural look, but it seems complicated to find as many people like to remove it.

11. Bigger Bellies

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Plenty of men and women love an excellent, jolly belly. They find it attractive when society deems them a negative physical body type.

12. Natural Women

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Many men love it when a woman is dressed in sweats, her hair tied up messy, and no makeup on. They are afraid to say anything, though, because of the fear of making her feel uncomfortable about not being done up.

13. Flat Chests

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Not all men like women with big chests; contrary to what is in magazines and fashion, plenty of men like petite women. They are afraid to voice this sometimes due to what society deems womanly.

14. Foreign Accents

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Many people love to hear people speaking with accents. Some accents are deemed sexier than others. This makes it difficult for some people to voice as the accent they like might not be what the “norm” wants.

15. Crooked Teeth

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People with crooked teeth usually go to the orthodontist and get braces. However, many people love a natural smile, thinking it brings character. They are afraid to say anything because so many people are so self-conscious about their teeth that they don’t want to smile.

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