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When we are young, often all we are focused on is growing up. We’re so eager to outgrow our childhood, desperate for the freedom and coolness of being an adult. But as adults, we look back on the years of our childhood with a better appreciation for how much fun kids have. Most of us wish we hadn’t written our childhoods off so quickly. The good news is that there are lots of things we can still enjoy as adults that are typically considered to be “for kids.” Here are 10 of the most popular “kid activities” that adults like to indulge in.

1. Playing on the Playground

Man playing on a playground
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There is nothing like going to the playground to bring out your inner kid! Whether it’s swinging on the swing sets or going down the slide, it can bring you right back to the days of your childhood. Even better, once you become a parent, you have the perfect reason to go to the playground! You can go and take your kids to play and have fun with them at the same time! There’s no better bonding experience than teaching your kid how to do the monkey bars!

2. Arcades

Young man and woman playing video games in an arcade
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A day at the arcade can bring back some great childhood memories. Whether you love skee ball or prefer PacMan, there’s nothing like the thrill of trying to collect as many tickets as possible. Arcades can be a perfect rainy-day activity since they’re inside! So next time the weather has you stuck inside, think about taking a trip to your local arcade and diving back into the games of your childhood.

3. Taking a Nap

Woman laying down taking a nap on a couch
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It’s amazing how, as kids, we fight naps so hard, but as adults, we can’t get enough of them! It’s as if the older we get, the better they are! Napping has so many benefits, too—not only can it help you relax and reduce overall fatigue, but it can also help you feel more alert! Lots of us now spend our adulthood making up for all the naps we didn’t take as kids, and sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a good nap.

4. Animated Movies

Man sitting on the couch watching cartoons
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There’s something about animated movies – watching one, you can’t help but smile and be reminded of your childhood. When you’ve had a rough day or are feeling down, you can throw on a classic animated movie and instantly feel better. The stories in some of those classic animated movies are even better than non-animated films. There’s just something feel-good about them that you can’t quite put your finger on.

5. Using Decorative Stickers

Woman using a laptop with stickers all over it
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Growing up, there was nothing better than getting a new set of stickers and placing them on everything you owned. But when we moved into adulthood, we lost this joy—stickers were deemed childish and left behind. Maybe that’s why we love our label makers as adults —if only the stickers were more exciting than just words on a white background!

6. Coloring Books

Cartoonist working on illustrations
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Sitting down to do some coloring can be incredibly soothing—it’s no wonder we love it even as adults. There are even coloring books with more complex designs specifically for adults. But some adults prefer to color in the coloring books made for kids—the familiar designs with characters from their childhood can bring on a wonderful feeling of nostalgia.

7. Pokémon Video Games

Adult woman playing Pokemon on a tablet
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Pokémon has been around for ages, and it seems they are still finding ways to make it appealing to people of all ages. It wasn’t that long ago that Pokémon GO was created to let people play Pokémon in the real world as a virtual reality game! It’s now become a thing that parents and their children can bond over and play together—how wonderful!

8. Playing With Legos

Man sitting on the floor building legos
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Gone are the days when LEGOs were just for kids. There are now incredibly elaborate LEGO sets that are built just for adults. Everything from the sets of familiar TV shows like Friends and Seinfeld to fan-favorite movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Playing with LEGOs is a great way to bring out your creative side and have some fun.

9. Skipping

Young woman skipping across the street carrying an umbrella
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Did you ever use to skip down the street as a kid, not a care in the world? Somewhere along the way, we lose that, but no one really knows why. Skipping is not only fun, but it’s much faster than walking and allows you to cover more ground. Plus, you can’t help but feel happy and carefree when you’re skipping, and as adults, we could certainly use more of those feelings.

10. Sugary Cereal

Senior man eating a bowl of children's sugary cereal
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There’s just something about that sugary kids cereal that hits the spot. Whether you’re a Lucky Charms kid or a Captain Crunch fan, sitting down with a bowl of your favorite cereal can melt away all your worries, even if just for a few minutes. And, even better, as an adult, you make your own rules – cereal is no longer just a breakfast food; you can eat it whenever you feel like it.

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