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Have you looked out into a crowd and thought, “Wow, That person is so beautiful!” Maybe you’ve noticed that the same type of person gets their coffee paid for them in the morning by a stranger, or the door held open only for it to slam shut in your face? Here are 15 things people think attractive people are able to get away with because of their looks.

1. Ask for Help

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“Anyone can ask, but attractive people are so much more likely to get help from strangers. Just a sad little twisted fact of life.”

2. Tips

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Someone said, “Get good tips as a waitress/waiter without REALLY trying.”

Another user agreed and added, “Definitely. My cousin is good-looking, and she makes like $90 an hour as a waitress at freaking Smokey Bones.”

3. Become a Singer / Artist

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“Even though looks have nothing to do with talent. Makes me wonder how many amazing voices are not being heard because the record company’s old fat dudes don’t think the artist is hot,” a user said.

4. Dating Options

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A user shared, “Always having dating options. Not actively seeking out potential partners. Potential partners seek them out.”

5. Get Away With…

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“I dated an extremely attractive charismatic man once. It was genuinely scary what he could pull off; he could be a cult leader. Now when I go on dates, if I see their charisma manipulating situations, it’s an instant no,” someone said.

6. Have Priority

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Someone said, “Receive the fastest service from bartenders. Cut lines. Have prospective employers “see potential” and attain jobs without being qualified.”

7. Dress Badly

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A person said, “Dressing badly. Attractive people can wear literal rags and look good. Ugly people have to dress to the nine just to have a chance.”

8. Receiving Patience

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“I’ve noticed that people are more patient with my stutter. My sister’s boyfriend is not conventionally attractive, and he stutters too. Some people just outright ignore him. Pisses me off that double standard exists,” one person confessed.

9. Get the Benefit of the Doubt

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“Applies to so many situations. Make a mistake; oh, everyone makes a mistake sometimes. Acting mean, they’re probably having a bad day. Something unfortunate happens to them, why do bad things happen to good people?” a user shared.

10. Be Mean

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“They can be a**holes and get away with It. Oh, and they are allowed to be stupid. Their pretty faces will make up for that,” a person said.

11. Get Free Drinks

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A user said, “I had a very attractive friend that used to go out drinking with minimum money, planning on some random to cover her drinks for the night.”

12. Get the Best Roles

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Someone said, “Playing the male role in a romantic movie. If the guy from 50 Shades of Gray was overweight and balding, it would be a horror flick.”

13. Be Noticed

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A user shared, “Getting noticed quickly and hence promotions quickly – I’ve realized its easier to climb the corporate ladder being attractive and lazy than ugly and hardworking.”

14. Be Fat

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“This will sound weird but; be fat. There seems to be a definitive “attractive” way to be fat; how that works, I can’t tell you, but trust me when I say it’s a thing,” someone shared.

15. Be Bad in Bed

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A user said, “I’ve found attractive people to essentially be dead fish in bed. They depend too much on their looks, and that doesn’t translate. Less attractive? Damn! Crazy fun!!”

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