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Love going away and staying at your favorite hotel and wish you could bring that luxurious feeling home with you? Check out these 11 hacks to make your home feel more like a hotel.

1. Make a Coffee Bar

Small coffee bar in personal kitchen with white cabinets
Image Credit: Guillermo Spelucin R via Shutterstock.

For coffee drinkers, few things are more enjoyable than taking a few minutes to savor the perfect cup of coffee. Carve out a corner, cabinet, or counter to set up your own personal coffee bar with all the fixings, and every morning will feel like a trip to your favorite hotel coffee shop.

Not a coffee drinker? Swap out coffee for tea or hot chocolate!

2. Focus on the Bed

Super fluffy bed with lots of pillows and white linens
Image Credit: World_of_Textiles via Shutterstock.

Make the bed a focal point in your master bedroom by giving it a hotel feel. Get crisp white linens, layer on blankets of different textures and a bunch of fluffy pillows, and you have yourself a beautiful bed fit for the most luxurious hotel.

3. Keep Surfaces Clear

Clear dresser with no clutter in bedroom
Image Credit: New Africa via Shutterstock.

Keeping surfaces clear gives major hotel vibes. When you check in to a hotel room, the desks, nightstands, counters, and dressers are almost fully clear except for a few essentials.

4. Roll Your Towels

Pile of rolled towels on a counter with a small plant
Image Credit: New Africa via Shutterstock.

Simply rolling your bathroom towels instead of folding them instantly makes your bathroom feel more like a spa. Use open shelving or a metal basket to keep your spa towels on display. And a small tray to display rolled hand towels on your bathroom vanity.

5. Blackout Curtains

Woman opening up blackout curtains in bedroom
Image Credit: Tanya Dvoretskaya via Shutterstock.

There’s just something about a pitch-black room that makes you sleep so well. Try adding blackout curtains or room-darkening shades to your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

6. Add Fresh Flowers

Vase of purple tulips sitting on a white counter
Image Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock.

Fresh flowers can light up your space, but they can be pricey. Save money by skipping the florist and cutting some blooms from your garden, picking some wildflowers on a walk, or grabbing a bouquet of greens from your warehouse club.

7. Add a Mirror

Large floor mirror and plant in bright, airy room
Image Credit: via Shutterstock.

Mirrors make rooms look bigger and can reflect light in a dark area. Add a mirror to an empty wall or lean a large floor mirror against any wall to add instant drama.

8. Avoid Clutter

Bright clutter-free living room
Image Credit: Followtheflow via Shutterstock.

Declutter your home for a more simplified look and feel. Too much clutter can cause stress and overwhelm. Cleaning out areas where clutter builds up can help you achieve a minimalist look.

9. Make a Mini-Bar

White mini fridge filled with drinks
Image Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock.

Most people love looking at the mini-bar selections but avoid eating or drinking its contents for fear of a sky-high hotel bill. Create your own mini-bar at home stocked with your snacks and drinks to treat yourself any time you please!

10. Fancy Candles

Woman lighting a pretty gold candle with a match
Image Credit: Amy Richmond via Shutterstock.

Swing by your local discount store and pick up a few fancy candles to use around your home. Grab your favorite scent or one that reminds you of a special trip you took.

11. Get a Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning caddy filled with supplies on bathroom floor
Image Credit: S.m.u.d.g.e via Shutterstock.

Keep your cleaning supplies and other household items you use often in a caddy so you can quickly clean and reset your home without having to drag all your supplies from room to room – you’ll be surprised how much time you can save!

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