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Rules, especially about appearances, were a lot different back in the day. People would get dolled up just to go to the grocery store. Times have changed, and nowadays, the average person just doesn’t care as much, but do older people still care about what you wear in public?

1. All Ages

Someone shared, “I don’t think this is just an old person thing. I think there are people of all ages who complain about others’ super casual apparel. And people of all ages who don’t.”

2. Back in the Day

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“Back in the day, plane travel was new and elegant, so people dressed up. Now it is a bus with wings. And I’ve traveled by bus, and there is not much difference anymore,” a person expressed.

3. Pajamas

Somebody said, “Do I think pajamas in public are in good taste or attractive? No. But do I really care if that’s what somebody’s wearing? I don’t have the time or inclination to invest any emotion in that.”

4. What You Want

“Oh, and to answer your question, as long as I don’t have to see your junk or your trunk, wear what you want,” a person exclaimed.

5. Ticketed or Banned?

“Complain to the extent that I think they should be ticketed or banned? No. I’m a sweats/leggings person myself, but I do think wearing pajamas in public is weird. The only place I think it’s copacetic is a hospital,” someone expressed.

6. Cleanliness

“As long as you appear clean, are relatively fragrance-free, use headphones or earbuds, and I don’t have to smell you or hear what you’re listening to from six feet away, I don’t care,” a person said.

7. As an Older Person

“As an older person, I’m usually the person in athletic/leisure/sleepwear, and I don’t give a single thought. Athletic wear is usually my go-to ensemble for the day, at home and out and about,” someone explained.

8. Too Much Time

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“I used to care about this stuff, and then I got overwhelmed by actual real life. If you care a lot about what other people wear, you have too much time on your hands,” somebody shared.

9. Can’t Be Bothered

“I think it’s a little weird for folks to go shopping in pajamas and slippers, but it’s no skin off my teeth if they do, and I really can’t be bothered to waste mental energy on caring how people are dressed,” someone expressed.

10. Not Enough Energy

“It’s a minority. I don’t have enough energy to actually CARE about what other people wear. As long as people don’t stink or wear so much cologne/perfume, it triggers a migraine, I barely notice them,” a user said.

11. Church, Weddings, and a Job Interview

Someone mentioned, “The only time that bothers me is when people show up in flip-flops and pajama pants at church, weddings, or a job interview, and I’ve seen all three.”

12. Love it

“Every old person I know, including me (58f) and my mother (78f), loves casual clothes. We wear them constantly,” a person exclaimed.

13. Don’t Be Sloppy

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“I’m going comfortable, so I don’t care. Just don’t be sloppy and bulging out of your clothes,” someone said.

14. None of Their Business

“I don’t care, never did, and was constantly perplexed by people who get bent out of shape over things that are none of their business,” someone shared.

15. It’s Situational

A user said, “I’m the one in athleisure. Air travel has become so uncomfortable these days that I will dress comfortably. As for wearing pajamas in public, that’s situational for me.”

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