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When deciding to date someone, many factors come into play. Do you have enough in common? Are your values aligned? What type of career do they have? A recent online poll asked users to share what careers they find to be a turnoff in a prospective partner. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Flight Attendant

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“I feel like any careers that would have them away for long periods of time, like flight attendants or long haul truckers,” someone advised.

2. Soldier

Man hugging woman in a military uniform
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“Military have very high divorce rates, unfortunately. The saying goes, you don’t just marry the soldier but the Army as well. Some spouses took that to heart in the barracks when their spouses were away,” somebody shared.

3. Politician

Politician speaking with reporters
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Someone stated, “Politicians. Professional and personal life WILL get mixed up. You’ll be forced to attend public events to up your public image and show the world that he or she is a normal person.”

4. Mechanic

Mechanic working on an engine
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“Well, I can tell you from my online dating experiences I’ve been immediately unmatched when I tell women I’m an auto mechanic,” someone explained.

5. Medical Professional

Female medical professionals talking at work
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“I’ve dated two people who worked in the medical field (weekend/overnight shifts) and one who was a project consultant,” a person said.

6. Factory Worker

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“Back in the day when I was on Tinder, I’d get unmatched because when they asked what I did, I always said I worked in a factory, which was true a lot of the time; they never responded or were unmatched because I guess they thought I was on a low-paid job,” someone expressed.

7. Influencer

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“Influencers. First of all, influence nothing and are sheep following the crowds, second, I believe in living in the moment and can’t stand the thought of cameras everywhere all the time, and I wouldn’t want to be part of their stupid mindless meme videos,” one user mentioned.

8. Massage Therapist

Massage therapist massaging a female's back
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“I (30 single female) have had men tell me they couldn’t date me because I’m a licensed massage therapist. Absolutely nothing shady about what I do, but they didn’t like the idea of me having my hands on other men,” someone shared.

9. Police Officer

Young police officer writing on a clipboard
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“When I worked in emerg, I cannot tell you how many cops used to hit on me, totally unwanted, while at work when I first started (22 years). EVERY SINGLE ONE was married or in a relationship,” a user exclaimed.

10. Cancer Nurse

Nurse pushing patient in a wheelchair
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“I dated a cancer nurse for a while. I soon learned not to ask…how was your day? It was tough to hear about it. I cannot imagine how she lived it, day in, day out,” a person empathized.

11. Religious Career

Female pastor speaking into a microphone
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Somebody said, “Probably only if it were something religious, would not care otherwise. I am a nurse, and my wife is a mechanic; I don’t care as long as she enjoys what she does, and I get to see her every day.”

13. Attorney

Female attorney in the courtroom
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“People say the law is rough to be married to, especially in the early years when you’re doing tons of overtime. And the Army, but that’s only cause I dated a couple,” someone shared.

14. Car Salesman

Car salesman trying to sell a car to a customer
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Someone mentioned, “Car salesmen. Sorry to those who actually are.”

Someone else responded, “Probably one of the widest ranges of “great person” to “horrible person” of any profession.”

11. Doctor

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“Doctors, I’ve dated enough of them to know they suck! Sure, they can help in some situations, but their attitudes are not worth it. They want an employee, not a wife,” someone explained.

15. Waitress

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“Honestly, restaurant/service industry. And I don’t mean anything negative against servers/bartenders or anything. Hell, a good many of my friends are in that industry. It’s just that their mostly evening/weekend work schedules vs. my M-F work schedule meant zero time to spend together,” someone explained.

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