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Everyone has a role in a family. Personalities get shaped based on things taught, environments, and much more. One of the factors in how a person behaves is birth order, but what if you are an only child? Here are some tell-tale signs that someone is an only child based on an online pole.

1. Disbelief

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Someone said, “My only child’s ex-boyfriend’s complete disbelief at all my stories about stuff my sisters and I would pull on each other growing up was always hilarious to me. He was always like, “How do you guys like each other still after that?!”

2. On Their Own

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“They go off on their own a lot. You do what you want to do. I’ll do what I want to do, and we’ll meet up when that’s the same thing,” someone stated.

3. You Like Space

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“It was extremely difficult for me to get used to having a roommate when I went to college. I hated not having my own space. Still do. I need alone time like I need oxygen,” someone shared.

4. Where is it?

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“My boyfriend is an only child. He gets super frustrated when something isn’t in the spot he left it. Like if I used the remote or a charger, he gets flustered because, living at home, he always knew where his stuff was,” a user shared.

5. Entertain Yourself

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“I’d say, being able to entertain themselves for days at a time without needing someone else to join in,” someone observed.

6. Peace and Quiet

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“Typically, they don’t like noisy households. Mine was always loud as we had six kids plus all our friends at my house. Only children would find that too chaotic,” someone stated.

7. Older Friends

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“Very comfortable with people older than them. Most of my friends are 10+ years older than me,” someone said.

8. Slow Eater

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A person shared, “I’m an only child. The only giveaway I can think of is I eat extremely slowly because I never had siblings to hurry me up or steal my food, but I also had parents that were never around, so others might not have that issue.”

9. Intricate Conversations

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“Conversations and language are usually more intricate as children since most discussions are with parent(s),” someone stated.

10. Closer Connections

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“We always feel closer to others than they do to us because we’re missing one degree of social connection that others have,” somebody shared.

11. Good Listener

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“I don’t know if this makes sense, but I have more time to listen to people. If someone’s talking to me, they’re my sole focus. I learned that as a kid, but I don’t know if it was parental guidance or an honored skill,” a user said.

12. Better Opportunities

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“They may have been at the same social and economic level as you as a child, but they had better vacations, extracurricular activities, and outings with parents. Their parents didn’t have to split child-rearing expenses with other children so that they can do more fun stuff,” somebody said.

13. Value Friendship

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A user shared, “I know only two children as adults now. Both are great people, and they value normal friendships of both genders more than I’d say most other people. In that respect, I wish I was more like them.”

14. Hyper Vigilant

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“Personally, I think if someone is highly critical of themselves. There’s no room for error in anything, so your mistakes show more because all eyes are on you, and that’ll make them hyper-vigilant,” someone said.

15. Well-Mannered

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“In my experience, only children are more articulate, communicative, and well-mannered because they grew up with adults and were talked to as such,” a user shared.

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