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Some of us are more social in nature, and others not so much. There is something we can all agree on being put on the spot with a question can sometimes be unpleasant. For some of us, those questions can instantly give anxiety at just the thought of having to answer. Or perhaps it’s not even the thought of answering it, but what is going to happen in that particular situation? Recently people shared online things people say that gives them instant anxiety. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

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Someone said, “‘Nope, “honey, can I talk to you a minute” is much worse! When the significant other does that, you know it’s not going to be an “I love you so much” conversation!”

2. “Close the door behind you and have a seat.”

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Someone said, “I had a manager who did this a lot – but it was always just to talk smack about other employees or share “top secret” company plans.”

3. “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

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A user said, “Your strength is being able to identify your weaknesses. Probably not actually a good answer in a job interview, largely depends on the person interviewing, of course. Probably safer to answer with “spreadsheets.”

4. “Tell us a little bit about yourself.”

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Someone said, “I always suddenly don’t know a damn thing about myself when they ask this.“

Someone else agreed and said, “Every time an employer asks me that question, I instantly s**t bricks.”

5. “Can you call me?”

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“Especially if this is a family member who normally doesn’t text,” a user said.

Another user said, “Well, someone died, I guess.”

6. “Did you lock the door when you left?”

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“I check the house doors at night to ensure that they’re locked, but I have on occasion forgot to check the garage door. I partially resolved that issue by installing a device that automatically closes my garage door if left open for more than 2 minutes,” someone said.

7. “What do you do for fun?”

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A person said, “My crippling anxiety has sabotaged all my hobbies.”

Another person said, “Me thinking: “s**t, I don’t actually do anything fun, do I?”

8. “What have you planned for your future?”

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“I don’t even know what I am going to do in a few hours, much less a decade,” a person said.

9. “How much have you done?”

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“The only good outcome to this is when you answer “nothing,” and they reply with “same,”’ one user said.

“My Lord, I want to crawl under the table and stay there when a partner drops me an e-mail asking, “Where are we at with this?” Or, even worse, “When can I expect this?”

10. “How are you?”

Woman sitting on couch looking stressed and anxious
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Someone answered, “Yes, because should I lie and tell them I’m okay and end it there, or should I tell them the truth, how unhappy and depressed I am?”

11. “Are you busy this weekend?”

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A user said, “This is the one for me, just tell me what you are doing or want to do and I’ll tell you if I’m interested. Don’t try to trick me into telling you I have nothing going on, so you can say I must attend since I don’t have anything to do. Me doing nothing sometimes is doing something for me.”

12. “Why did you do that this way?”

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“My ex used to do this all the time over the most trivial stuff. Having to justify why I loaded the dishwasher a certain way or why I fold the laundry in a certain order just feels like needless interrogation,” one person shared.

13. “Why are you so quiet?”

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“I just shrug and say I don’t like talking. Technically I just don’t like talking to people who ask me this; the ones that can hold an engaging conversation have never asked this,” someone said.

14. “When are we going to get grandkids?”

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Someone said, “I hate this one since I really want kids myself and have wanted kids for many years; the problem is finding a partner.”

15. “What music do you listen to?”

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A person said, “That instant confusion because I cannot quickly summarize what I listen to, and also a fear of being judged for my taste in music.”

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