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You are going about your day; everything feels normal. Then out of the blue, something happens that makes you stop in your tracks and think, “Am I old?!” A recent internet poll asked users, “What was it that made you realize you’re getting older?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Sense of Time

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Someone said, “Still thinking the ’90s and/or 2000s “weren’t that long ago.”

Someone else agreed and added, “They weren’t. And you won’t tell me they aren’t again.”

2. Injury Recovery Time

Person walking with a hurt leg
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A user said, “How much easier it is to injure yourself, and then how long it takes to recover from said injury.”

3. Familiar Music

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Someone shared, “When your favorite songs have been translated into soft digestible instrumentals used for marketing, dollars stores, and elevator music.”

4. Using Familiar Sayings

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“The first time I uttered the words, “When I was your age…” (I was in my mid-30s),” a user shared.

5. Everyone Else Seems so Young

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“I am a volunteer fireman and was on a fire call on an interstate highway, and the state trooper looked like a kid. Since then, my doctor, dentist, and dermatologist are all my children’s age,” a user said.

6. Clueless About References

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Someone said, “When you bring up a movie from the 90s like Pulp Fiction, and no one knows what you are talking about.”

7. Completing Forms

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A user shared, “Putting my date of birth into any website and having to scroll and scroll to get to the year. I’m still in denial, though, because I’m a weightlifter and am still healthy and pain-free.”

8. Changes in Preferences

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A user shared, “When I saw a female celebrity on TV, I thought “she looks great for an older woman” Then Googled her, only to find she’s 10 years younger than me. I’d give way if I had a specific attraction to younger women, but I don’t. I barely notice women under 30 or so, because they just look like teenagers.”

9. Performance

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Someone said, “I’ve been an athlete all my life. Competed in a large number of different sports. One day I woke up, and I was slower. It has only gotten worse.”

10. Tastes Change

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Another user shared, “I think it was when I realized I no longer was so interested in pop culture. I used to think old people were just out of touch, but now as I am older, I’m starting to realize it’s not that they were out of touch, they just didn’t care.”

11. New Things Are Exciting

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One person mentioned, “The second I realized I was more excited about my new washer and dryer than I was about going to a festival.”

12. Too Much Noise

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“When you start trying to find quiet places to go out to eat or catch up with friends because it’s harder to hear conversation in noisy places. That’s if you can feel bothered in the first place, especially if it means staying out past 9 pm,” a user shared.

13. Making New Noises

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A user shared, “When I started making that guttural sound every time I sit down. And when my sneezes became thunderous.”

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