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As we go through life, we all have different experiences and work toward different goals. However, there are a lot of shared experiences we have during certain stages in life. For many, reaching your 30s is a significant milestone for stability and growth. As we continue through life, some of our positive experiences start to fade away. We start to miss what we had when we were in our 30s. Here are 13 things people commonly miss about being in their 30s.

1. A Decade of No Worries

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Before turning 30, you’re often worried about what people think of you. By age 30, you start to care less about people’s thoughts and live a carefree life. Yet, as you leave your 30s, worries about your health, family, and the future creep in all too quickly.

2. Time Seems so Short

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At 30, you’re in the prime of your life. Your goals and aspirations start to manifest themselves. But as you leave this blissful decade, time begins to feel like it’s quickly slipping through your fingers.

3. The Feeling of Success

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In this stage of your life, you’ve worked hard in your career to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. You may have built a family and are starting to reap the benefits of your hard work. Once you’ve gained those successes, it can leave you feeling empty and wondering what’s next.

4. Having All the Energy

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During your 30s, you probably had lots of energy to manage work, kids, and hobbies. Unfortunatley, as time progresses, that energy slowly starts to dwindle.

5. Healthy Knees

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In your 30s, most people can walk and hike for hours with no issues. As you age, your knees may begin to deteriorate. You may find yourself missing being able to take long walks, but at some point, your body won’t be able to put forth the same amount of effort it used to.

6. Eating it All

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When you are in your 30s, most people can eat whatever they want. Feel like spicy food? Go for it! Want that piece of cake? Enjoy! As you start to age out of your 30s, you’ll notice your metabolism starting to slow down, and you’ll likely need to be more selective about what you eat.

7. Grooming Routines

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For some people in their 30s, their grooming routines were much more manageable. As you age, you’ll find yourself adding in extra steps like trimming your nose hairs, eyebrow hairs, or plucking chin hairs.

8. Surviving on Lack of Sleep

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When you are in your 30s, some start their families and have children. When a new baby is in the house, sleep becomes a rare commodity. Survival is hard, but you get through it. Not getting a whole night’s sleep because of pain or tossing and turning can be extremely hard as you age.

9. It’s All About the Kids

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When you are in your 30s, your kids are still living at home with you, and your entire life revolves around them. As you are older and they move out on their own you may love having your house to yourself or you may feel lonely without them.

10. Healing Injuries

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Your body is much more able to heal itself from injuries in your 30s. And while you may be able to do so after you’re out of your 30s as well, over time it will like be more and more difficult.

11. Luscious Hair

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For most people, having a head full of beautiful, luscious hair is common in your 30s, but hair thinning and loss is a big problem for many men and women as we age.

12. Constant Body Aches

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When you wake up in your 30s, you may be able to roll out of bed easily with no issues. As time passes, things slowly ache, and in some cases may even need to have a side of ibuprofen with your morning coffee.

13. Family Matters

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When in your 30s, your family is together doing things all the time. Whether it’s your daily routines, going to the park, or seeing a show. Sadly, as you age, your family may slowly drift apart as everyone discovers their own interests and hobbies.

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