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Most of us want to better ourselves and take the time to view our habits and how they benefit us. Toxic habits can stop you from being your best or even hurt you. They can impact your life in negative ways, and they can be incredibly difficult to kick. Here are 16 of the most toxic habits that are holding you back in life.

1. Carrying Blame

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Blame is like a knot in a muscle; it stacks up over time, and you see new things through old blame, which creates walls and closes you in. Carrying blame has an impact on all areas of a person’s life, impacting their self-esteem and how they see themselves and the world, their decision-making, and even impacting their mental health, leading to increased stress, anxiety, and/or depression. It also doesn’t matter whether you are blaming yourself or someone else; it’s all the same in the end.

2. Talking Behind People’s Backs

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Many people don’t even realize that they have a big mouth and are considered gossipers, but it is a bad habit that you should try to kick. When you talk behind someone’s back, people begin to realize that they can’t trust you and stop sharing important information with you. Others may also question your character and whether they want to hang around with someone who might be saying unfavorable things about them as soon as they turn around.

3. Trying To Please Everyone

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Being a people-pleaser may seem like a harmless trait, but it does its damage over time. The truth is you’ll never be able to please everyone; you’ll die trying to. Sometimes, you have to try to please the masses, but those situations are rare, and you have to learn when it’s OK not to please everyone, especially if it means sticking to your personal boundaries.

4. Too Much Alcohol

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Drinking too much alcohol is a well-known toxic habit. Not only is it very expensive, high in calories, and dangerous to your physical health, but it can also be a large nuisance to others. No one wants to hang around with the person who gets stupid or angry drunk anytime they drink – people drink with others to have a good time, not to take care of other people who can’t manage their alcohol intake.

5. Staying at Home

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Some people think that staying at home can cause you to become isolated, which some see as a bad thing. Getting out of the house to socialize can be energizing, making it easier to maintain a good mood. And getting out of the house doesn’t have to be limited to social gatherings, it can be as easy as heading out the door to take care of errands – you never know who you might come across in the grocery store aisle!

6. Staying up Late

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Staying up late might seem like a great idea at the time. However, you’ll likely regret your decision when you wake up the next morning feeling like a zombie and needing a gallon of coffee to wake yourself up. Instead, when you prioritize proper rest, you can wake up feeling amazing every day, with sharper thinking and higher energy levels.

7. Not Drinking Water

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Many of us do not drink enough water to keep us properly hydrated, which can lead to a variety of health issues. Experts say to maintain proper hydration levels, we should drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day. You’re likely to find that when drinking sufficient amounts of water, you feel more mentally and physically energized. If you struggle with water intake, try adding lemon or lime wedges or fresh fruit – it flavors your water and makes it easier to drink.

8. Negativity

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People don’t realize how having a negative outlook can impact their lives. If you’re a “glass half empty” type of person, it can start to make you feel like the world around you is a terrible place. Pointing out the negatives can also make you seem like a pessimist, and some people don’t like to be around that type of energy. Instead, try looking for the bright side of things. You may find it helps you grow and see things differently.

9. Biting Nails

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Nail biting is an awful habit that many people struggle with. Not only can it cause your nailbeds to be raw and painful, but it can also lead to constant infections from torn-up cuticles. Most people bite their nails when they are anxious or stressed, but some do it out of boredom. To curb the habit, look for other ways to deal with anxiety and stress, such as using stress balls, fidget spinners, or other similar devices.

10. Mocking

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Many people mock others for their hobbies or interests, especially if they are not mainstream. Constantly mocking others can make you seem insensitive, insecure, and mean-spirited towards others. It can damage your reputation and how others perceive you, making it harder to maintain friends. Instead, try to be supportive and curious, and remember that just because it’s not a topic you would be interested in doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with someone who does find it interesting.

11. Social Media

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Social media may not seem like a toxic habit, but when you really dive deep, it can be incredibly damaging. Social media is a highlight reel, where people tend to share the best parts of their lives. This can leave others feeling less-than or like they aren’t living up to their friends if they start to compare themselves to what they see on social media. This type of behavior is incredibly difficult to battle, and sometimes, the best way to stop it is to take away the trigger in the first place and get off of social media.

12. Pushing Your Agenda

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As humans, sometimes we can be selfish and try to push our own agendas to reach our goals for ourselves. However, this can be detrimental to our relationships with others, as it can seem that we are unwilling to compromise. Sometimes, we have to accept that we may not have the same future goals and visions as those around us. That may cause us to grow apart from our friends and partners, but there is no benefit to ourselves or those around us in solely pushing our own agendas.

13. Classic Toothbrushes

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Dropping the classical toothbrush for an electric toothbrush is life-changing. It cleans better than your regular brush, and it is safe for your gums. The benefits don’t end there, though! Since it does a better job of cleaning your teeth, it usually means shorter cleaning appointments and fewer dental issues that need to be corrected, like cavities. If you’re someone who hates being in the dental chair, consider switching to an electric toothbrush to help keep your pearly whites as healthy as possible.

14. Bottling it Up

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While bottling things up may seem like a good idea, when you think something isn’t a big deal and you’re trying to spare someone’s feelings, it can tend to have the opposite effect. Instead, when we bottle things up, we carry all of that anger, frustration, and other emotions with us, and finally, when it gets too much, something small sets us off, and it all comes out at once.

15. One-Sided Relationships

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Some relationships and friendships can feel very one-sided, where it feels like you’re the one carrying all the emotional effort to maintain the connection. This can be exhausting and also cause you to feel underappreciated. Sometimes, it’s best to stop catering to these types of relationships because of the emotional burden they place on you. Instead, surround yourself with friends and loved ones who appreciate you and recognize that any relationship is a two-way street.

16. Sugar

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Eating foods high in sugar all the time is a bad habit most people have without realizing it. Often, this is a result of how our body feels when we consume sugar; sugar triggers the chemicals in our brain that make us feel good, like dopamine. People will feed the craving by drinking soda and eating sugary fast foods like donuts, all to get that “feel-good sugar high,” but this can lead to many health issues, including mental fogginess, obesity, diabetes, and more.

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