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Boomers have consistently set fantastic examples for the younger generations through their actions and how they see the world around them. Recently, people of all ages have revealed the skills and traits boomers have that younger generations shouldn’t shy away from! After all, we can all learn a thing or two from our elders.

1. Patience

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Younger generations are motivated by one thing: instant gratification. Patience is a virtue; unfortunately, it’s a skill many young people lack. Whether it’s saving for the future or letting a relationship blossom naturally, everybody wants to take shortcuts these days. Sometimes, allowing things to work themselves out can be very beneficial; the veterans who fought in world wars knew the battles wouldn’t be over in a day or two; they knew it would take time.

2. Knowing the Value of a Hard Day’s Work

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Unfortunately, many young people aren’t interested in working hard these days. Many confess that they would rather “be famous” for making YouTube videos then put in a day of honest work. How sad is that? Boomers know what it means to work hard and long hours, and the younger generation doesn’t seem to care for it; whether that’s ultimately a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

3. Voting

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Voting used to symbolize pride for your country, an action that showed how much you cared about the future for yourself and your fellow citizens. Interestingly enough, the boomer generation sets the standard for voter turnout! “I disagree with the way many of the 70 and over crowd vote, but they are reliable voters. The data shows that younger people don’t actually vote,” confesses one woman. “It’s sad that the younger folks allow the older folks to choose their elected officials.”

4. Being Handy

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My great-grandfather built the house he lived in. My grandfather repaired refrigerators and ovens for a living. My dad was the neighborhood handyman, able to tackle any project, big or small. I, on the other hand, consistently confuse a wrench with a hammer. I’m not an idiot by any means, but I am infinitely less handy than the men who came before me in my family. According to many people, I’m not alone; we’re all helpless compared to the boomer generation!

5. Not Sweating the Small Stuff

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With age comes wisdom, and many people admire that the older generation rarely sweats the small stuff. One person explains what it’s all about. “I love older people who are very relaxed, take everything with chill, and don’t let many things bother them,” reveals one man. “They’ve seen it all, they’ve been through a lot, and nothing can really affect them if they use their time to learn to accept the reality of society.”

6. Telling Stories

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I have to hand it to the older generation in one specific respect: They can tell stories like no other! If you find yourself conversing with a boomer, you’ll be on the receiving end of an enthralling and mind-blowing story that will give you a newfound appreciation for people older than you. Conversely, when chatting with a millennial or Gen-Zer, you’ll be lost a few seconds into the conversation due to their limited attention spans and love for slang that no one understands except for themselves!

7. Evaluating Risk

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Countless people agree that millennials and Gen-Zers are terrible at assessing risk! Young people generally don’t think about the consequences of their actions, and as a result, they often find themselves in less-than-ideal situations that can massively impact their lives. As one person puts it, “Age and life experience have a significant impact on how we judge risk in any situation.”

8. How To Enjoy Yourself Without the Internet and Smartphones

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Boomers knows how to enjoy themselves without resorting to endless scrolling on their smartphones and surfing the web because, well, those things didn’t exist when they were growing up! In 2024, everyone from kids to adults are helplessly addicted to technology. (How many of you are reading this while subconsciously glancing at your phone every few seconds?) The boomer generation knows how to enjoy experiences without relying on things that didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago.

9. Appreciating Small Joys in Life

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It feels like nobody is genuinely happy in 2024, doesn’t it? That’s one of the many traits the boomer generation has: the ability to appreciate the small joys in life. It’s a noble skill, but unfortunately, it seems to be lost on younger men and women. “I think wise older people generally recognize that you have to seek happiness, and when you look for it, it’s usually pretty easy to find,” explains one man.

10. Active Listening

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I blame kids these days for having terrible attention spans, which is why society isn’t as good as it has the potential to be. Thanks to social media, smartphones, and endless forms of entertainment, the younger generation doesn’t know how to listen. This starkly compares to boomers, who see the value of active listening. If you find yourself conversing with older men and women, you know they value every word you say and listen thoroughly and respectfully.

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