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It is good to make goals and better ourselves. Sometimes, once we make those changes in our lives, we stand back and think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” A recent online poll asked, “What improved your life so much you wish you had done it sooner?” Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Blackout Shades

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“Getting blackout shades. It’s like a sheet you stick directly to your window to block out light. Got it after years of working the night shift, and now all of a sudden, no sleep issues, I can just lie down, and it’s off to snooze town. For any other night shifters reading this, get some blackout shades; they’re 100% worth it.”

2. Ending an Unhappy Relationship

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“Relationships should improve your life. If the person is only being negative, talking you down, and talking behind your back, there is no reason to continue with the relationship. Even if that person is a parent.”

3. Swimming as a Workout

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“Nothing like jumping in the pool and having an hour there. The only better thing is getting a full body massage after the swimming session. That’s two hours that will reset your energy. Do it once a week, and you will feel the difference,” a user shared.

4. Using a Slow Cooker

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“Getting a slow cooker and making a huge meal on Sundays, and then portioning it out through the week. Saves me sooooo much money and time. I recommend stuff like chili or tikka masala,” a person said.

5. Getting a Divorce

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Someone shared, “Divorce. She was too controlling and narcissistic, and the amount of gaslighting was ridiculous. Separated in April, signed papers last Thursday. Everyone I know says I’m a different person, noticeably happier; even my kids see it.”

6. Using Hearing Aids

Elderly man getting fitted for a hearing aid
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Someone shared, “I’m only 26 but have always had trouble understanding people, even though I could hear them just fine. Turns out I have Auditory Processing Disorder, and hearing aids can be programmed to help! They’re far from a miracle, but in many situations, I now can actually understand what’s being said.”

7. Having the Right Sized Car

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A user shared, “Getting a car that fit my size. I’m a 6’2″ and drove a small little Honda to work all scrunched up cause it was what I had. Would start the day scrunched and leave work scrunched. It scrunched my soul little by little, I think. Got an SUV lease when that died, and I literally haven’t had the scrunch-based back pain since.”

8. Sleeping in Separate Beds

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“Sleep in separate beds than my wife. Married couples who get frustrated sleeping next to each other and just completely ignore it and continue to do so don’t know the true benefits of having separate beds,” someone said.

9. Money Management

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Someone said, “I see the kind of money people are spending on homes and cars now and think half of home and car buyers are total morons. Then I remember the car I bought when I was 22.”

10. Not Worrying About What Others Think

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“You’ll spend much of your life trying to measure up to other people when you should really be trying to compare yourself to you from yesterday.

It’s good to have role models, but it can easily turn into damaging your self-esteem. Pick a real person to see and end goals, and as long as you’re making improvements to the person you were, you are doing great,” someone said.

11. Cooking

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“I made food for myself for a good decade, but it was mostly prepackaged foods. In the last ten years, I’ve become more comfortable making things from scratch. I’m using more whole foods and less processed items. Some things are deceptively simple as long as you have the right ingredients,” another responded.

12. Therapy and Medication

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A user said, “I’m anxious by nature; therapy, getting medicated, and taking the time to learn about myself and why I react the way I do has been a painful process but an absolutely necessary one.”

13. 8 Hours of Sleep

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A user said, “Making sure I get eight hours of sleep throughout the week and exercising before work because it makes so much difference to my energy, concentration, output, motivation and improves my overall day-to-day resilience in dealing with challenges.”

14. Taking Magnesium

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“I know, it sounds weird. But ever since I began taking it, I’ve felt physically better, mentally better, and overall just amazing. I started researching taking other supplements, and I started taking ashwagandha, and the results are absolutely terrific. I feel so great. I’ve been exercising and getting more active, and it’s really helped my mental health,” someone said.

15. Leaving Work at Work

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Someone shared, ”Taking my work email off my personal phone. It just had to be done to save my sanity. When I’m at work, you have my full attention. When I’m not, I will not be available.”

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