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It’s only 24 years into a new millennium, and we’ve witnessed the dotcom boom; we’ve lived through a pandemic and are currently seeing changes in the future of the workforce that has taken office norms to remote desks of employees in the confines of their bedrooms. We can only guess what the coming years hold, but some events are believed to be inevitable, and online futurists hope to witness them in this lifetime.

1. Cure for Major Diseases

Senior with dementia
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With nearly 60 million people worldwide living with either Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s, or Dementia, several members of the forum want to see a world where these diseases are a thing of the past.

“My mother’s journey with dementia was a heartbreaking odyssey that left an indelible mark on my family. It is my genuine hope that we get a cure for dementia and other diseases affecting seniors that seems to make a fool of medical advancement,” one futurist explains.

2. Human Settlement on Mars

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Mars has always been the goal of human exploration. NASA believes it is one of the other places in our solar system where life once existed.

“The thought of humans living on Mars blows my mind,” one of the respondents notes, “it is like science fiction becoming reality, and I am optimistic we are closer to the goal than ever. It’ll be bigger than the moon landing,” he excitedly declares.

3. Invention of Flying and Self-Driving Cars

Flying car
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Sci-fi movies opened our minds to the idea of flying cars and self-driving vehicles, someone opines, adding that the dream might be closer than we think. “Who wouldn’t want to beat traffic by taking to the skies?

Flying cars will redefine urban commuting,” someone else declares. “Self-driving cars are estimated to be capable of reducing accidents by 90%, not to mention the ease and convenience they’ll provide,” a third user adds.

4. Seeing Halley’s Comet

Halley's Comet
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Science buffs said they’d love to see Comet Halley pass over Earth’s skies again by 2061. “It was difficult to get a good view of the comet when it appeared in 1986 as the Sun impeded our view”, someone claims. “Halley will be better positioned for observation in the next appearance, as the comet will be on the same side of the Sun as Earth,” they point out.

5. The Explosion of Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse star
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A commenter on the thread says the event they are most looking forward to is the explosion of the Betelgeuse star, which scientists believe will happen soon.

“Despite being 600,000+ light years from the Earth, the star’s death will be visible to us. I’ll do anything to not miss that one glorious boom,” a second person affirms.

6. Universality of Cryptocurrency

Man with crypto coins
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While cryptocurrency will never make a comeback, some members of the forum say they want to see crypto accepted as legal tenders worldwide. “The notion of using a government-backed currency is quaint. Crypto is the future of money,” someone argues.

7. Reversal of Aging

Old woman consulting dermatologist
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A lot of scientific work is going into reversing the aging process to significantly improve how long and how well we live. “Age reversal is crucial to witnessing most of the events on this thread,” one contributor observes, adding that if he could witness anything, it would be a breakthrough in medical research in that field.

8. Wearable Screens

Man wearing smartwatch
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The development of implants and wearable screens seems to have many participants. “It is good enough that we’ve got VR/AR devices, smartwatches, and other wearables. I’d like to have my phone somewhere on my skin like in the movies.” one enthusiastic participant asserts.

9. Dependence on Renewable Energy

Air pollution
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Global warming is a massive concern for many, especially eco-friendly-conscious ones. Most people agree that a shift from using fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy would be pivotal in preserving the Earth.

“From air pollution to water pollution and global warming, there are so many disadvantages of fossil fuels, and I’d like to see America thrive without any,” a conservationist on the thread makes a passionate appeal.

10. AI Replacing Humans

Robot Waiter
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Some persons responding to the thread think that artificial intelligence would replace humans despite ongoing debates that we are irreplaceable. “The rate at which we are progressing in this direction, if my understanding of machine language isn’t failing, it won’t be long before AI completely takes over human jobs and performs them efficiently,” a computer engineering graduate argues.

“I envision a time when AI robots will act as law enforcement agents and even surgeons. It isn’t so far anymore,” another ambitious respondent adds.

11. High-Speed Travels

High speed bullet train
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Some say they want to be here when high-speed trains and superfast cars become everyday means of transportation around the globe. Someone else says Chinese engineers are three decades away from creating trains that travel at super-fast rates of speed. “That’ll be unbelievably fast for trains. It’s a bit ambitious, but I hope to see it,” he concludes.

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