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Women sometimes seem like mysterious creatures to men. Why do they go to the bathroom together? What do they talk about when they get together on a girl’s night? And are they really always so emotional? No secrets here, though! Here are 12 things men may be surprised to learn about women.

1. We Have Lots of Hair too

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Women have the same body hair as men, just in some areas it’s not as visible, or we make it invisible by shaving or waxing. For example, some of us shave our toe hairs or the hair on the tops of our feet! While it may not be very much hair, it’s enough that we notice it. And when we get older, it’s the plucking of that one chin hair that seems to grow back overnight.

2. Why We Take Long Showers

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Women have 3 different types of showers. There’s the quick body wash, where you’re not even getting your hair wet. Then there’s the standard shower where you’re washing your hair and body. But then there’s the ultimate shower – the one where you’re washing your hair, and body and shaving everything, and as you can imagine, those are quite time-consuming. Never mind that sometimes >20% of shower time might be spent untangling hair from our fingers so we can move on to the next step. 

3. There Are Differences in Feminine Products

Man shopping for feminine products
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Men can feel completely overwhelmed when their partner asks them to pick up feminine products from the store. While the products might look all the same to a man, women use them differently. For example, there’s a huge difference between a maxi pad and a pantyliner; a maxi pad tends to be used at the beginning of our period when the flow is heavier, and a pantyliner is used as it’s tapering off.  

4. The Real Reason We Leave Hair on the Shower Wall

Woman's wet hair stuck on shower wall
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Some men have stared at the squiggly hair symbols on their shower walls for years, trying to decipher some meaning out of them, but the truth is far simpler. We often leave the hair there because it’s better on the wall than down the drain, where it can cause clogs. The trouble is we often forget to remove the hair from the walls after we shower, often leaving it for our partners to clean up or stare at. 

5. Emotions Are Often Out of Our Control

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We’re not making it up or trying to be dramatic when we get mood swings during or right before our periods. As a woman, it is equally frustrating. It sucks to feel like you can’t control your emotions, especially in workplace settings. In fact, sometimes having to hide our emotions in settings where we can’t let them loose causes us to be more emotional at home with our partners – we truly don’t mean to be this way; we simply can’t hold it in anymore.

6. We Can be Gross too

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Most men think of women as being beautiful, graceful human beings. But in reality, we are gross, too; we just aren’t as forward about it. Women do gross things, we create gross smells, and we discuss gross stuff, but we usually discuss it amongst ourselves rather than with our male counterparts.

7. Ovulation and Periods Can be Quite Painful

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Men often underestimate the amount of pain women experience during our menstrual cycles. Sometimes you can feel yourself releasing an egg during ovulation, and it hurts. And don’t even get us started on the uterine cramps we experience during our periods. Studies have even shown that period pain can be almost as painful as a heart attack. Some of us are very sensitive to pain and sensations from our ovaries/uterus, and there’s not much that’s been done to treat it.

8. Women’s Intuition is a Real Thing

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Sometimes, we get a feeling that we can’t explain – like when you’re out at a bar, and you notice “that guy.” You know, the one that makes us uncomfortable in the room even from 10 feet away. Suddenly, you know where he is at all times, watching out of the corner of your eye so you aren’t surprised. Sometimes, we feel so uncomfortable that we physically leave to get away from men like that.

9. We Warn Each Other About Bad Guys

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Related to the point above, we sometimes will even go so far as to pretend to know another woman to get her away from a sketchy guy at a club. In addition, there are local Facebook groups that girls are in, where if they match with a guy on a dating app, they will request others’ stories/advice on that specific guy. Ladies who know that guy or have any knowledge (good or bad) will post and share that knowledge. Sadly, it has come to this, but this is necessary for our safety.

10. We Aren’t Always Looking for a Solution

Couple sitting on couch arguing
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Nine times out of ten, women just want to vent. They don’t want the guy to fix their problem. They want someone to listen and agree with their frustration. This is where a lot of guys go wrong because they’re wired to come up with solutions to the problem. Next time you’re listening to your girl talk about something, try asking her if she wants you to listen or if she actually wants you to propose a solution – this will help you understand whether to provide comfort or actual advice.

11. We Thrive on Friendship

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No bond is stronger than two females who can relate to their life experiences. While we are alone with girlfriends, we often talk about guys/relationships but also about our trauma and emotional issues and how we’re growing and developing as people. The support that a girlfriend can provide is different than that of a romantic partner, and there’s something comforting about knowing that the person you’re speaking to can completely relate to the problem you’re discussing. There are just some things that can’t be understood by the other gender.

12. We Can be Jealous of Guys

Woman looking jealous of another woman
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It may sound strange, but we can get mad and lowkey jealous if we find guy have features that a girl should have, for example, long eyelashes, long hair, or beautiful lips. These are all desired traits of females, and it can feel unfair to us to see a man with those traits, especially if they are natural. Women will go to great lengths to obtain those features, and so to see them on a man who hasn’t had to try to get those features can be incredibly frustrating.

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