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When the latest technology comes out, it’s easy to feel that you have to have it right away. After all, the newest device on the scene must be good, right? But just becuase a new version is available doesn’t mean the existing version is immediately obsolete. A recent online poll asked users to share the old technologies they hesitate to let go of; here’s some of the most popular responses.

1. Wired Earbuds

Young man sitting on a bench reading with wired earbuds in his ears
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“Earbuds with a wire. I don’t need something else to charge,” someone said. “Plus, the wired ones are harder to lose,” a person added.

2. Older Model Vehicles

Deployed airbags in a car
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“I like early 2000s cars. Had safety equipment like airbags, but not everything had a stupid sensor to fail constantly,” a person explained.

3. Email

Woman writing an email on her laptop
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“Email, in general, in a world where young people switch platforms constantly. I hate texting on tiny virtual keys with my big sausage fingers. Email works perfectly well, is more easily searched, and is more flexible,” someone explained.

4. Paper and Pen

Man sitting on bed writing in a journal
Image Credit: Cast Of Thousands via Shutterstock.

“I have yet to find a computer device that functions as well as my beloved 98-cent spiral notebook and ballpoint pen,” someone exclaimed.

5. Non-Smart House

Woman controlling herr smart home on a wall panel
Image Credit: RossHelen via Shutterstock.

“I have a “dumb” house, and I like it that way,” someone stated. “We tried using Alexa, but it was creepy,” someone else agreed.

6. Books

Girl looking for books at a local
Image Credit: SeventyFour via Shutterstock.

“I like my books. The smells, the feel. I like to turn pages,” someone explained. Someone else added, “My eyes don’t hurt.”

7. Owning Music

Woman putting a vinyl record on to play
Image Credit: Przemek Klos via Shutterstock.

“I like owning my music. I still have vinyl, cassettes, and terabytes of ripped, no DRM mp3s. I listen to the same old underground punk rock, etc. that I did in high school, and you can’t get those bands on Spotify or Apple Music anyway,” somebody stated.

8. Homemade Meals

Family cooking together in the kitchen
Image Credit: Rawpixel via Deposit Photos.

Someone mentioned, “I was not raised on convenience foods, being a farmer kid. I certainly had my share of fast food and junk food over subsequent years, but for the past decade or so, I’ve returned to making meals as my family did.”

9. Paper Maps

Elderly couple looking at an atlas
Image Credit: Sirtravelalot via Shutterstock.

“Sure, I use GPS, but paper maps allow you to see the entire area without zooming and scrolling,” someone explained.

10. MP3 Player

Woman putting an MP3 player into her pocket
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“I’m just going to say MP3 players in general. They are not old-tech, but I think they qualify because of the simplicity of design and use. I miss mine at the gym and mowing the lawn; it’d be so nice to have that lightweight, cheap player in my pocket, just randomly shuffling songs with no other diversion,” someone expressed.

11. Low-Tech Cars

Man hands on steering wheel while driving
Image Credit: VitalikRadko via DepositPhotos.

“Low-tech cars. Manual transmission, no sensors telling me how to drive, no touch screen, no backup camera. From what I’ve read, there are a lot of younger people in agreement,” someone declared.

12. Paper Calendar

Calendar with dates circled and crossed outt
Image Credit: Tutik_P via Shutterstock.

“Paper calendar for writing down appointments. I print three months off at a time, staple them together, and write everything on it. I cross the days off as they go,” someone explained.

13. Hard Copies

Person looking at their electric bill
Image Credit: Tommaso79 via Shutterstock.

“I prefer to get hard copies of my bills in the mail. Somehow, that’s more real to me, and I feel more in control,” someone mentioned.

14. Hand Drills

Man holding a hand drill
Image Credit: R.Narong via Shutterstock.

“Hand drills with a chuck and key. Keyless chucks can easily slip. With the key, you can tighten the drill bit as hard as you want to so that the drill bit doesn’t slip,” a person explained.

14. Real Leather

Man's brown leather belt and shoes
Image Credit: Nongnut Moijanghan via Shutterstock.

“I like leather, leather shoes, leather belts, leather wallets, leather watch straps, and leather jackets, not leather pants. Duh, it’s just too uncomfortable,” someone said.

15. Printed Menus

Man and woman dining and looking at a menu
Image Credit: via Shutterstock.

“No QR codes; I shouldn’t need to bring a computer to order from a restaurant I’m sitting in,” someone exclaimed.

16. Paper Newspaper

Man reading a newspaper
Image Credit: LightField Studios via Shutterstock.

“Our local paper has switched to once-a-week print with all week’s puzzles and the daily online. Perfection,” someone explained.

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