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We all have our preferences when it comes to things we like to collect, watch, or spend money on. Some people can’t help but not understand the obsession that others have with certain things in life. We found a list of things people are obsessed with that others just don’t get.

1. The Latest Smartphone

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“New smartphones, At this point, I’m not excited about new phones. I begrudgingly buy a new one when my old one performs like crap,” someone shared.

Another user agreed and added, “2010-2014 was peak smartphone. New features, competitive features, cool form factors. Since then, things have morphed into glass/metal rectangle vs. glass/metal rectangle, except one is better if you pixel peep in X dimension on the photos, and the other is better if you pixel peep in Y dimension on the photos. There is no reason to update anymore than every 3-4 years anymore except for support.”

2. Celebrity Worship

Crowd freaking out to see a celebrity
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“Sure, if your favorite musician is playing a song intimately with just you and a few other people, I get the sense of glee/excitement. But the fact is people freak out over the smallest stuff or go into full-on panic mode just because some D-list celebrity is within 100km. It makes no sense,” someone shared.

3. Weddings

Couple who just got married
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“Too much time, money, and energy. Brides obsessed over finding a perfect dress and planning a perfect wedding. Maybe I am missing a point, but it’s only one day out of your life. No one will remember your cake or flowers five years later. Spend that energy buying a house and building a life with your partner,” one person commented.

4. Sports

Professional basketball game
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“Not playing them, but watching sports. I understand the excitement of it, but what I don’t understand is people making a whole personality out of them. I also lived in London for a lot of years, so seeing drunk and deranged fans yelling in the street in the middle of the night did not improve my opinion of sports fans,” shared one user.

5. Body Building

Bodybuilder lifting weights
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Someone mentioned “Bodybuilding. In my opinion, I think it’s so unattractive when steroids are used along with it. Being natural is cool, though. Again, my opinion.”

Another agreed and said, “I think the desire for body-builder-type partners is blown way out of proportion. More often than not, I hear people say it’s gross or excessive.”

6. Dating Preferences

Couple in love
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“Getting hung up on other people’s dating preferences. Is it beneficial in some way for a person to date somebody they’re not attracted to? I think not,” someone said.

7. Bluey

Bluey float
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“Bluey. Every parenting sub acts like it’s the greatest cartoon ever. Kids act poorly, and there are never any consequences, and your parents will drop whatever they’re doing to play with you at any given time, no matter what,” a user said.

8. The Royal Family

“The royal family, from a non-UK perspective. I truly don’t understand the reason people treat them with any respect. Born into privilege, power, and practically unlimited wealth from taxpayers for no reason other than tradition,” one person confessed.

9. IPA Beer

Flight of IPSA beer and nuts on a table
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One person commented, “IPAs. It’s hard to get a good beer in some bars because if you don’t want one of 14 IPAs or some cheap lager, you may not have any other options. God, they’re awful.”

10. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park gates
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Someone shared, “Jurassic Park. It just never did anything for me. Went and saw the first one on opening night. It was okay as a movie. I just didn’t understand people losing their minds over it. I enjoyed Last Action Hero, more. Which came out a week later.”

11. Apple Technology

Apple Macbook and iPhone
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“Apple technology and the need to constantly upgrade. I feel this way about most technology, but more about Apple since it’s so expensive,” a user said.

12. Grass

Man mowing a lawn
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A user shared, “Honestly, I don’t understand the obsession with grass; it’s annoying, you gotta spend time and money cutting, watering, weeding, fertilizing it, and it uses a ridiculous amount of water. The west coast is screwed because of grass and golf courses, you can literally buy eco-friendly prairie grass that only needs to be cut a few times a year, and it gets enough water from rain.”

13. Influencers

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“I really don’t understand the appeal of watching these people, most of them faking their way through life and making insane amounts of money from people obsessed with watching them try out clothes or whatever it is they do,” someone said.

14. Nerd Fan Bases

Yoda from Star Wars
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A user shares, “I don’t mean to be condescending here, but most “nerd” fan bases. I can enjoy Star Wars films here and there, but why get so obsessed with them? Why put Doctor Who posters up on my walls? Unless there’s money in it, why collect figurines to the degree that you have an entire room for them?”

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