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Certain stereotypes come along with all genders. Many of these can be hurtful for men, yet they still exist. In a recent online poll, men share the top things they feel they’re unfairly judged for.

1. Relationship Roles

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‘Being the one who takes care of kids in a relationship or making less money than their partner,” a person mentioned.

2. Play Time

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“I bust my behind at work and save money to play. That might be video games, might be a sport, might be building random stuff in a workshop, but whatever it is, let a bro have his hobbies/playtime,” someone expressed.

3. Being a Father

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“Taking kids to the park/Walmart/etc. Too many horror stories of a “Karen” taking issue with this as if it’s wrong for men to be fathers,” a person exclaimed.

4. Alone Time

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Somebody mentioned, “It’s not that we don’t want to spend time with our partners, but alone time is valuable. Sometimes, your man just wants a little time to himself, and there’s nothing wrong with that or anything to read into about it.”

5. Liking “Girly” Things

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“I like “girly” cocktails. Let me have a margarita. Generally, anything deemed “girly,” someone said.

6. Lack of Decor

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“As much as it’s nice to have decorations in a house, I don’t care about it. As long as my house is clean and I am comfortable in it, I have the essentials,” a person exclaimed.

7. Being Emotional

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“Opening up their emotions. Being a man can be so lonely; if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid,” someone expressed.

8. Not Liking Sports

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“I don’t really watch any sports.” Then, the person proceeds to ask a million questions about teams and players just to make sure,” someone stated.

9. Being Single

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“Not having a girlfriend/wife. A man’s value shouldn’t be determined by his ability to pull ladies,” a person shared.

10. Being Frugal

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“Having an 8, 9, or 10 year old car. I make six figures, have over $1M in savings, and own my 4-Bedroom/2-bathroom house outright. Yet I drive a 2014 Subaru,” somebody said.

11. Specific Attraction

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“Being interested and attracted to women with specific characteristics, even if these happen to be physical. I am not trying to objectify her or reduce her to her parts; it’s just what I like/seek,” someone explained.

12. Approaching First

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“For example, if we’re expected to make the first move, how are we supposed to find someone if approaching in public is now frowned upon,” someone questioned.

13. Not Being Handy

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“Not knowing how to fix or do something. I’m not a car mechanic. I’m not a broadband engineer. I’m not a builder/sparky/plumber. If I don’t know how to do something, I’m not less of a person for acknowledging a gap in knowledge or understanding,” someone said.

14. Having a Look

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“Looking at women. Staring, yes, is creepy, but having a look is just normal,” someone explained.

15. Not Getting Married

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“Not getting married, the Divorce rate is now like 50% of marriages, and women initiate 80% of divorces. 90% of child support goes to the mother, and 97% of alimony goes to the woman. Marriage is just a bad deal for men; there is nothing to gain from it but everything to lose from it,” somebody expressed.

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