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Truth can be a hard pill to swallow. It can also be difficult to overcome past experiences or ignore things you hear from others. Men want women to know some truths about them that may go against everything you thought you knew about them. Here are some of the top truths that men want women to understand about them.

1. They’re Just Not That Into You

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“Even if you’re attractive, it’s perfectly possible for a man not to be into you. It doesn’t mean that they’re in a relationship or gay. Nobody will be desired by 100% of people, and that’s fine,” someone informed.

2. They Think About Nonsense

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“Such literal nonsense! I swear. Sometimes I’ll space out on the wildest stuff. Like, I’m visualizing Excel spreadsheets and redoing our projected financial situation month by month in my brain but visualizing an Excel spreadsheet and the formulas I’d need and doing the math in my head,” someone exclaimed.

3. They’re Not Mind Readers

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“Men can’t read your mind. Stop dropping hints and say what you want. In today’s world, playing “hard to get” is probably not going to get you anything. It’s been pounded into men’s heads that “No means No,” so when you say “No,” we believe you,” someone said.

4. They Can’t Be “Fixed”

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“Women need to understand that they cannot fix a man. I blame television sitcoms for the awful tropes about relationships. As humans, we all have our own internal motivations,” one man confessed.

5. Their Feelings Get Hurt

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One man said, “I understand she wants to be chased. Everyone does. It’s fun to a point, but once you don’t reciprocate after a time or two of chasing you, it’s not really fun anymore, and it just hurts my feelings and makes me feel like you don’t want me.”

6. They’re Insecure

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“We’re insecure about a lot of things. We’re insecure about our capabilities of being a good partner. We’re scared of not being enough for you, that if we fail once, you’ll ditch us,” someone expressed.

7. They’re Unique

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“Men are not all the same. For instance, I personally disagree with most of the comments. But I am sure they are true for some other guys. Likewise, some of my truths do not apply to other men. We are each a bit unique, just like women,” a person exclaimed.

8. They Have Complex Emotions

Happy middle-aged man standing outside
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“I’ve had to do so much unlearning this year because of that. I was never taught how to manage or even understand my emotions, and here I am at 24yrs trying to put myself together like an egg that rolled off the counter because I became tired of being unable to be simple,” someone shared.

9. They Need Time to Themself

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A user informed, “That “me time” is extremely important. It isn’t respected enough and is seen as you just wanting time away from your partner/life. I just want some time to do something I enjoy completely solo, and it has nothing to do with wanting a “break” from them.”

10. They’re Not Stupid

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“The biggest misconception that women seem to have about men, especially women in their 30s and below, from my experience, is that they seem to think we’re all stupid,” someone said.

11. They’re Not Sleeping

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“A recliner will put us to sleep, but, at the same time, we weren’t sleeping – we were relaxing our eyes,” a user divulged.

12. They’re Scared To Be Vulnerable

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Somebody said, “We were naively vulnerable with a woman once. Maybe it was our mother; maybe it was our first crush. And we were rejected or worse for doing it. At some point, we tried it again and got the same response. We learned, from experience, that it is better to die in our saddles than ever be dismounted.”

13. They’re Thinking About Nothing

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“When we say we’re not thinking about anything, we either aren’t, or we are thinking of something so outrageous it would take forever to explain it, you still wouldn’t get it, and it is actually so outrageous that it doesn’t even make sense on why we were thinking about it in the first place,” someone exclaimed.

14. You Can’t Have Both

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“You can tell a man what you need to be done or how to do it, but not both. Trying to do both will end in fights roughly 100% of the time,” someone said.

15. They’re Solutions-Oriented

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A user shared, “We are solution-oriented, so if you vent, we will give you solutions because we want to help, not because we are controlling.”

16. They Need Clarity

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“Hints don’t work, even after thirty years. We need clarity. Getting angry that it was done improperly after the fact doesn’t make it better; it only encourages us not to want to help the next time,” somebody informed.

17. They Want the Same Things

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“If you want a traditional guy, you must be a traditional woman. And if you want a traditional woman, you have to be a traditional man,” a person said.

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