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It’s not only the old generation that can have ‘boomer’ moments. Sometimes, we all slip up, causing everyone to label us with the stereotype for days. With the rapid changes to the digital frontier, there’s no way you can know every slang word, pop culture reference, and TikTok dance. If you’re thinking that this just can’t be you, then maybe you should think again.

1. Not Watching TV on Your Phone

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No one watches scripted television shows anymore, right? Wrong. Some people out there have point-blank refused to watch media on their phones. They prefer watching all their favorite content along with actual TV channels on their TV instead. Phones are pocket-friendly adaptations of the same thing and more, but some people just won’t have it. If this isn’t a boomer moment, then I don’t know what it is.

2. Avoiding Voice Recognition

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With voice assistants like Siri and Alexa becoming more and more common, all you need to do is speak into your phone, and they’ll do everything for you. However, some people refuse to even come near this feature, saying, “I’m not letting these companies legally listen to everything I do.”

3. Saying No to TikTok

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Young people nowadays have stormed onto this relatively new social media platform where you can post mini video clips of dances, challenges, or your daily routine. But, if you refuse to continuously scroll through thousands of the weirdest people across the globe, you’re probably going to be labeled a boomer.

4. Not Buying New Things Until the Old Ones Break Down

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People born in the earlier days like to get their money’s worth out of everything they purchase. Considering they’ve seen their families suffer from wars and heard stories of The Great Depression, they generally don’t want to spend money often. If you’re someone who cuts open your toothpaste tube to get every last drop, you might be a boomer after all.

5. Avoiding Accounts at Retailers

Saleswoman demonstrating the product
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When you walk into a shop, you’re often bombarded with salespeople trying to get you to give out your details so they can pester you with information for days to come. If you’re too paranoid to give your information to set up rewards accounts at your favorite retailers, you’ll likely be deemed “old.”

6. Refusing To Use AI

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How could we not mention AI? Even with the rapid increase of AI integration into modern life, some people still refuse to use it entirely. Apparently, a chatbot helping you out is worse than human help. Some people are completely skeptical about feeding personal information into it, but others are opposed to the idea itself, believing AI will take over the world.

7. Not Tipping People

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Tipping is the social norm because you’re helping a worker who’s living on minimum wage. However, not everyone agrees. Apparently, you can pay a hefty amount for your daily Starbucks fix, but you can’t spare some change for the person who made it.

8. Not Using QR Codes for Menus

Waitress handing customers a QR-Code Menu
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With everything aimed at maximum ease for the users, QR codes instead of pamphlets and menus have become more common. All you need to do is whip out your phone and scan the code, and you’re done. But, customers don’t always want to use these options. One person says, “It just feels like a shortcut.” Well, younger people would definitely not second your opinion there.

9. New Names Sound Funny

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The world could use fewer Johns, but for some, the recent rise in weird names has gone too far. Parents are naming their children things on a whim instead of thinking about the cultural, historical, or even basic meaning behind them. And if you agree with this sentiment, you’re criticized for being too traditional.

10. Not Following Emerging Fashion Trends

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If you’ve seen the recent runway models, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I can appreciate the creativity, but who even wears those bizarre things in real life? Apart from that, some people don’t like color-block clothing, chunky shoes, or even ripped jeans, which means boring clothes all day, every day.

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