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It may feel like an understatement to say that men and women are from different planets, but in many cases, our differences are to be celebrated. However, in others, we tend to drive each other crazy. Here are 13 things men do that women absolutely cannot stand.

1. Don’t Listen

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Women are tired of men asking questions and not listening to the answer. Trust and listen to what their response is. Otherwise, don’t bother asking in the first place.

2. Mistaking Kindness

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All too often, men mistake kindness for flirting. Just because a woman is being nice to you doesn’t mean she is giving signals that she is interested.

3. Incompetence

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Women aren’t born with the ability to cook and clean. These are learned skills that anyone can perfect with practice. Instead of looking for a woman to do things for you, learn how to do it for yourself.

4. Not Listening

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Just because a woman suggests something that is a different way than what you would do doesn’t mean you can dismiss her. Listen to what she’s offering, research, see if it will work for you, and give credit where it is due.

5. Too Emotional

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Everyone has emotions, and women get annoyed when men treat them as if they’re acting over-emotional or dramatic. Many men also get passionate and emotional at times, it’s completely normal.

6. Not Putting in Effort

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Too many men text women to come over as if they’re ordering Uber Eats; try getting to know a woman first. Becoming acquainted with someone doesn’t have to cost money, and women want to feel as though you’re making an effort.

7. Not Using the Hamper

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Men placing their dirty clothing on the floor beside the hamper instead of in it is maddening. It takes no extra effort to actually put the clothing in side the hamper.

8. Catcalling

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Women don’t like catcalling. They want to be treated with respect, and when the man catcalls, it shows that he’s only looking at her as a piece of meat and doesn’t care how his behavior is making her feel.

9. Not Cleaning up After Himself

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Cooking or shaving is fine. However, it would help if, after the task was completed, the area was cleaned up. There is no excuse for leaving a mess behind for someone else to pick up after.

10. Rating Women

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Rating women based solely on their appearance is very demeaning. It treats them as if they aren’t human and can make women feel incredibly insecure.

11. Being Dismissive

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Being dismissive of a woman’s personal experiences is hurtful. Listen to what she has to say and try to put yourself in her position to see where she is coming from.

12. Ignoring Invisible Tasks

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Many tasks need to be done around a household, and not all of them are as obvious as vacuuming and doing the dishes. It can be mentally (and physically) exhausting for a woman to handle them all on her own or have to ask for help constantly. Take some initiative and tackle some of the household to-do list on your own!

13. Being Indecisive

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Constantly changing their minds on how they want you to do things, what they like to eat, etc. It can be frustrating trying to please someone who is constantly moving the bar.

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