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Being in a relationship is an enjoyable part of life, but dating can be especially challenging. Being wary of red flags while dating someone is an essential first step to help you weed out potential partners who may not be a good fit. Here are some common signs to look for.

1. Making Excuses for Cheating

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There is never an excuse for cheating on your partner, regardless of how long you’ve been together. Cheating is not right and unjustifiable. One woman mentioned that her boyfriend used polyamory as an excuse to cheat on her and escape accountability.

2. Backup Partner

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Keeping your eyes set on just one person is key to a healthy relationship. Although it seems obvious, people shouldn’t plan on being with anyone else while they’re in a relationship. One woman asked her boyfriend if he had a backup girlfriend in case they broke up. He replied, “No,” yet she claimed everyone should have a backup plan.

3. Uncontrolled Anger

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While everyone gets angry sometimes, anger that seems to reach another level is a definite red flag. Seeing your partner snap at you or someone else in an uncontrollable way should be taken as an indicator of how they may treat you in the future.

4. Relationship With Parents

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Observing someone’s relationship with their parents can tell you a lot about a person. For example, do they speak to them with respect or yell and mistreat them? If someone doesn’t have their parents around, play close attention to how they treat other family members or people in their close circle.

5. Admitting Faults

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Being self-aware is a good quality, but openly admitting faults to a new partner immediately is a little strange. One woman was hanging out with a date at a party when he randomly told her that he’s “mean.” And while it’s nice to know things in advance, working on your character flaws and trying to improve yourself is a better course of action than warning potential partners.

6. Childish Behavior

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Depending on your age, your significant other constantly acting like a child in public—or even in private—may be a red flag. There’s nothing wrong with being silly and immature sometimes, but in many situations, it’s not appropriate and may signal a deeper issue of emotional immaturity that will negatively impact your relationships in other areas.

7. Double Standards

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In today’s world, dealing with double standards in relationships can be really tough. It’s like being a hypocrite, where you can do certain things without a problem, but if your partner does the same, suddenly it’s an issue. That’s why setting clear boundaries is crucial for a healthy and successful relationship.

8. Being too Friendly

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Friendly is good, especially when it’s just directed at you. However, overly friendly individuals tend to behave similarly to others. This behavior is often perceived as flirtation when interacting with others, and no partner wants to see their significant other flirting with someone else.

9. Placing Blame

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Regardless of the situation, accepting blame when something is your fault is the right thing to do. If you see your partner trying to place blame on other people, or worse, on you, it’s time to remove yourself from the relationship. Blaming others shows the person is childish and does not take accountability for their actions, which is ultimately destructive.

10. Crazy Friends

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When entering a relationship, it’s important to observe how your partner’s friends behave. If they are consistently inappropriate in front of you or make you feel uncomfortable, it’s likely your partner behaves in a similar manner around them when you’re not around.

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