Angry boss throwing papers at his desk

We have all heard of some of the stereotypical personalities in movies and TV shows, the boss’ pet or the goodie-two-shoes, but there are so many more personalities out there. We found a discussion in a popular online forum discussing some examples of other workplace personalities. Here are some of the top responses.

1. The McConaughey

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“That dude who is just chill and fun to be around, but you don’t want to be on his team because nothing is getting done,” someone said. 

Another person agreed, “They work in sales. You never see him do any actual work, yet somehow he is one of the top salesmen in the company.”

2. The Pretend Manager

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Someone said, “When I worked in retail, I had a shift with just me and an older woman who had started about two months into me working there. I mentioned that it’s nice working without the manager, and she looked me dead in the face and said, ‘Technically, I’m your manager today though’ No, you are not.”

3. The One Upper

Man talking to female colleagues
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Someone describes, “You had three beers last night; he had four. You completed five tasks today. He did six. You went to Tenerife on holiday. He went to Elevenerife!”

4. The Talker

Employees chatting during a meeting
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“In a meeting, it takes them three minutes to make even one point. In a timed presentation, they’re going over. If you stop to chat, you’ve lost your lunch break,” a user said.

5. The Unwilling Therapist

Coworkers having a disagreement
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“Where people just start talking about their problems, and the person doesn’t want to be rude, so now they’re the local therapist,” a person said.

6. The Magician

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“Your coworkers can disappear for six hours, do nothing, and be fine. If you stop working for 30 seconds, then your boss is immediately on you asking you why you’re wasting time,” someone said.

7. Two-Face

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Someone describes, “The guy that thrashes the boss and management on shift but will lick their a** nonstop during meetings.”

8. The Ask-hole

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“They will ask everyone for opinions and advice on everything but just do what they originally thought anyway. Or just tell you why you’re wrong,” a person said.

9. The Cowboy

Man in a cowboy hat with his feet up on his desk
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A user said, “Ranch attire optional. Usually young and relatively good-looking. Extremely polite. He tucks his shirts in even if he’s wearing shorts. Has an uncomfortably good posture and un-ironically speaks like Captain America.”

10. The Grouch

Angry boss throwing papers at his desk
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Someone describes,” Usually a prune-faced person over 50 who has worked there for years. Replies to every e-mail, complaining about or questioning the contents. Asks all new employees, “Why are you here?” and tells them they need to find a new line of work because this one is so terrible.”

11. The Brooding Philosopher

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“The business will fail because of the deep and complex issues that this person witnesses, but they are destined to be forever the foreteller that’s never listened to,” a person said.

12. The Quiet Minimalist

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“They do the absolute minimum possible and are certain always to look busy. They don’t have time for chit-chat, meetings, or extra work because they are SO busy,” a user describes.

13. The Background Character

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“Shows up on time, does exactly what the work requires, and leaves the second the time is up. Doesn’t talk to anyone they work with unless approached first,” a person said.

14. The Pushover

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Someone said, “They get stuff done, and people get so used to it they just make them continue to do everything !!”

15. The Secret Keeper

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“Everyone spills the gossip to this unassuming person. They have dirt on everyone. They are trustworthy but usually not part of the “main” group. Friendly, quiet, doesn’t get involved with drama, but KNOWS everything,” someone said.

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