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There are so many times when someone says or does something, and you automatically give an eye roll because you’re already anticipating the stupid thing that’ll come next. Here are 13 things that will cause your eyes to roll all the way back in your head every time you hear it.

1. Speaking My Truth

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As soon as you hear the phrase leave someone’s mouth, you already know something will be said that will be mean and hurtful.

2. Using Buzz Words

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When hearing a sales pitch many times, they are filled with buzz words that will make your eyes roll. As soon as that word is said, you know they are trying to sell you something.

3. Real Men Don’t…

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People use this phrase when they are trying to justify outdated thinking. Real men can do whatever they want to do.

4. Do You Know Who I am?

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When someone says this, you already know they are entitled. They want to be treated better than everyone else because they think they are better.

5. I’m an Influencer

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“I’m an influencer” means they are usually just looking for a freebie. Yes, some legitimate influencers are out there; however, when saying this, the average person wants free stuff.

6. Hearing Over Used Words

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Many words are overused. Some being “like,” “ironic,” or “literally.” Many of them give the impression you don’t know what you are talking about and are an automatic eye roll.

7. Celebrity Apologies

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There have been many celebrity apologies in the past. Sometimes, they are authentic, but it is often just damage control. They come out after a major backlash, and their popularity starts to be affected.

8. Blood is Thicker Than Water

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This one gets an eye roll because, most of the time, it is used when someone is trying to get their way and manipulating you into agreeing with them.

9. Back in my Day

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As soon as someone older breaks out with the phrase, “Back in my day,” you already know it will be some exaggerated story that is tone-deaf to the actual situation.

10. They Broke the Internet

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No one has broken the internet. This saying is so over the top and attention-seeking. Something might have been popular, but it wasn’t that big.

11. You Can’t Handle Me at my Worst

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The saying, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best,” is a manipulation tactic. It is also an excuse to misbehave.

12. An Ick

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The saying “ick” has been overused and is unnecessary. Just express that it is something you don’t like or don’t want to deal with instead of using this annoying word.

13. I’m Not…

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The moment you hear this phrase, you already know it is true. When someone says, “I am not judgemental, but..” it is an ill attempt at making an excuse for what rude thing you are about to say.

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