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We all have our favorite foods and opinions on how we prefer food prepared, but sometimes we see others taking things too far with their creative liberties. Someone recently asked the question, “What screams food crime to you?” These are some of the top-voted responses.

1. Viral One Pot Pasta Dishes

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“Those Instagram cooking videos where it’s supposed to be a one-pot pasta and they just throw in raw onion, tomatoes/marinara sauce, uncooked pasta, some water, and basil in one oven dish and cook it in the oven,” someone said.

2. Shaming Food Choices

Woman crinkling up her nose in disgust as she goes to take a bit of her sandwich
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“Shaming and degrading people for eating food the way they enjoy it. Well-done steak is not disrespecting the product. It would be far more disrespectful to gag down something you don’t enjoy because it’s the right way,” one person said.

3. Wasting Food

Person scraping a plate into the trash can
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A user said, “Those super wasteful food videos where a guy will scream and dump 10 gallons of melted ice cream over a tiny little bowl or something. I’m pretty sure they’re for kids or??? I don’t know why those videos get views at all, but they’re really, really annoying.”

4. Too Much Cheese

Person pouring orange cheese on a burger
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“Drowning a meal in a pound of cheese. I like cheese, but it shouldn’t overwhelm a dish,” a person said.

5. Ambrosia Salad

Bowl or Ambrosia salad
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“Someone brought one to a potluck and looked like vomit. I tried to take it to the dessert table because of the marshmallows and pineapple, and the lady tells me it was not a dessert, “It’s a salad,” someone mentioned.

6. Raw Tortillas

Someone making homemade tortillas on a counter
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Someone shared, “Raw tortillas are 100% a food crime. My mom used to make me “homemade” tortilla chips by brushing the packaged tortillas with a little bit of olive oil, cayenne, and salt. Still my favorite snack.”

7. Washing Raw Chicken

Person washing a raw chicken drumstick in the sink
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A user shared, “Washing meat in the sink. My old roommate used to do this and would splash the water all over the sink and never clean it! There’d be raw chicken water all over the counters and everything.”

Another user agreed and added, “Why even wash meat?! There’s nothing to wash. I understand washing vegetables, but packaged meat does not need to be washed.”

8. No Seasoning

Plate filled with bland, unseasoned food
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“Every time I visit my father-in-law. He basically throws everything in a pressure cooker; raw and unseasoned. Puts salt and pepper on the table for people to use. He’s admitted to hating cooking and knows his food is not the greatest. Now that I think of it, my husband’s side of the family doesn’t really season their food. It kills me inside, one bland dish at a time,” another user confessed.

9. Using a Microwave To Thaw

Person putting a bowl into a microwave
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Someone said, “My mother-in-law is an exclusive microwave and freezer type of gal. She freezes milk in ice cube trays and microwaves a mass of ground meat and veggies, stirring along the way, and claims it tastes the same. The in-laws tell me she wasn’t always that way but In the 10 years I’ve known her she has been. This is the lesser of her food crimes.”

10. Adding Oil to Cooked Food

Someone pouring oil on a bowl of food
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“Adding oil onto finished food. I know many won’t agree with it, but the feeling of oily, fatty liquid in my food makes my arteries harden and makes me feel unclean,” one user mentioned.

11. Over Cooking

Pot boiling over on a stovetop
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A user said, “My aunt’s cooking. It’s just SO BAD. Last Christmas I went there she over-cooked broccoli cheese noodle soup. Ate it anyway, had to.”

12. Sushirrito

Sushi burritos sitting on a cutting board
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A user said, “Sushirrito…I love Sushi, and I love burritos, but separately, but not together. The concept of Sushi in my burrito sounds so wrong to me.”

13. Using Cheese as Seasoning

Pasta dish with parmesan cheese on a plate
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“Using cheese for flavor instead of seasoning. So many dishes are ruined because they add parmesan unnecessarily. And it’s not even good quality parmesan it’s the kind that smells like vomit on sweaty feet and tastes like wood dust,” a user shared.

14. Not Preparing Meat Correctly

Pork chops, tomatoes, and potatoes on a plater with utensils
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“Not preparing meat correctly. My MIL will buy skirt steak or roast-type beef and cut it into individual steaks. She always complains when it’s too tough. Duh, those cuts need to be prepared differently. Usually, slow-cooked,” someone shared.

15. Passing Vegetables as a Dessert

Black bean brownies an black beans on a counter
Image Credit: Nataliya Arzamasova via Shutterstock.

“Trying to sneak vegetables into desserts and pass it off like it’s exactly the same. It’s not the same, Barbara.

If you want to eat healthier, go for it. But don’t lie to me and tell me your brownies with three vegetables in them are the same as a regular brownie,” someone stated.

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