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Some people enjoy certain food delicacies. Some are delicious, while others are not so much. It makes you wonder what the appeal is of these foods. A recent online poll asked users to name a food they just don’t get how people can enjoy. Here are some of the top-voted answers.

1. London’s Jellied Eels

Bowl of jellied eels
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“I think it was a dish born of necessity two hundred years ago (or whenever), and people kept eating it because it was served to them as children. Kinda like how I like scrapple because my Southern (USA) grandfather fed it to me when I was little,” someone said.

2. Surströmming

Open can of fermented fish called Surströmming
Image Credit: PawelSdr via Shutterstock.

“What’s that Norwegian dish that smells like sin, and you must bury it? Someone out there likes it, and they are wrong,” a person said.

Someone else added, “Lutefisk and Sweden’s wmd, surströmming.”

3. Balut Egg

Asian delicacy balut egg
Image Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin via Shutterstock.

“This is the one that gets me. I try to be open-minded, but I can’t imagine the texture not being disconcerting. Even if the bones, feet, and beaks are softer, it seems like they’d still be stringy or have some snap,” someone said.

4. Candy Apple

Plate with candy apples
Image Credit: beats1 via Shutterstock.

“I always dreamed of trying one as a kid, then was massively disappointed when I found it was awful to chew, too hard and sticky to be enjoyable, and didn’t have much flavor,” a person said.

5. Gefilte Fish

Gelfite fish dish
Image Credit: hadasit via Shutterstock.

“My dad and practically everyone on his side of the family loves the stuff, but I can’t stand it,” a user shared.

6. Excessive Burgers

Sky-high burger with french fries
Image Credit: Lukas Gojda via Shutterstock.

“Excessively built up greasy, greasy hamburgers. The kind with, like, three patties made of three different animals, bacon, four types of cheese, a zillion condiments, and just built sky-high to the point you can’t even take a bite without it falling apart and half the contents falling out the back end of the sandwich onto your plate,” a person shared.

7. Chicken Feet

Bowl of chicken feet
Image Credit: pratan via Shutterstock.

A user said, “I once bought some at a traditional Chinese restaurant. It tasted amazing! But I couldn’t get over the fact that I was sucking the meat off the toes. So I couldn’t finish them.”

8. Durian

Durian fruit
Image Credit: taveesak srisomthavil via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “My Asian friend hates the smell, but she says if you can get past the smell, it tastes very nice because the flavor, although not amazing, is so much better than the smell you think it is the nicest fruit ever.”

9. Spicy Food

Bowls of spicy chili and peppers
Image Credit: Slawomir Fajer via Shutterstock.

“I’m going to be completely honest. I have the spice tolerance of a sickly American pilgrim. I’ve never liked spicy food, and I’m unable to see the appeal in scorching my mouth until I lose feeling in my toes,” one person confessed.

10. Turkish Delight

Multicolored Turkish Delight on a table
Image Credit: Anna_Pustynnikova via Shutterstock.

“It’s perfume and gelatin with icing sugar. Perfume. That you eat,” a person said.

11. Natto

Bowl of natto
Image Credit: norikko via Shutterstock.

“It has the consistency of snot and has an unpleasant odor (like feet) and taste (tangy fermented flavor),” someone shared.

12. Liver & Onions

Plate of liver and onions
Image Credit: Jamie Rogers via Shutterstock.

“I remember the first time my mother wanted me to help her cook liver and onions for my dad, and I was probably about 5 yrs old. The smell was just awful, and I told her I would throw up if she didn’t let me go outside, away from the smell,” a user said.

13. Black Licorice

White bowl filled with black licorice
Image Credit: Hong Vo via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “My husband is from the Netherlands, and I see him die a little inside whenever I tell him I don’t like licorice.”

14. Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks on table
Image Credit: Oleksandra Naumenko via Shutterstock.

“I’m intolerant to even the slightest taste of alcohol. I don’t know where it came from because it didn’t bother me as a teen and young adult,” someone said.

15. Oysters

Plate of oysters with knife
Image Credit: Natalia Lisovskaya via Shutterstock.

“They look so gross, and people should leave them in the water because they’re such handy little filtration systems,” one user responded.

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