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Admit it, you have been there before, you’re leaving to go on a trip, and at some point throughout your travels, you realize that you’ve forgotten something. Someone took to a popular online forum to ask, “What are the most common items guests forget to bring with them when traveling that would be useful to bring?” Here are some of the most popular answers…

1. An Emergency Kit

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Someone said, “Benadryl is an otherwise inert and life-saving item I nearly always have on me. It buys time in an emergency. Also, floss, Q-tips, baby powder, a hair dryer, tampons, bandaids, Neosporin, sunscreen, bug spray, and aloe vera gel. I think that would do it.”

2. Plug

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“I ditched all my chargers and bought one with an interchangeable plug. USB and a couple of c ports. Charges the laptop and everything else just fine. No need for adapters anymore. No more clunky laptop chargers or needing two or three sockets to charge everything,” one user shared.

3. Sense of Humor

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“Luxury travel specialist here. Make sure to bring flexibility, a sense of humor, the knowledge that there will always be ‘hiccups’ on a trip, and a sense of wonderment that things can be better in other cultures around the world,” one user offered.

4. Batteries

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One person mentioned, “When I was hotel hopping a lot for work, I’d always have a couple of AA & AAA batteries in my bag for the damn TV/AC remote. Trying to get batteries from the front desk at 11 pm is rarely a successful venture.”

5. Belt & Sunglasses

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“For men – or at least for me – belts and sunglasses lol, but I don’t know how you’d supply that given the varied size/facial shapes/preferences. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to buy a belt on business trips or personal trips, such a buzzkill, waste of money, and time,” a user shared.

6. Disinfectant Wipes

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Someone commented, “Clorox or Lysol wipes. I found I tend to get sick after a trip, so I started wiping down hotels or Airbnb, and I stopped getting sick. Wipe every surface you would potentially touch. You can’t count on the cleaning staff to clean everything really well. I did this pre-COVID, and now it’s even more important. It’s a pain but worth it.”

7. Bag of Ice

Bags of ice
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“This is a pick up on your way rather than pack, but a bag of ice. I used to just check photos for an ice maker fridge but have also had it there and not function before,” someone shared.

8. Bug Spray

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One person offered, “I bought bug spray because when you’re going to explore the outdoors, you need to be protected. Luckily, I bought some before hiking in the Hawaiian rainforest. A family on the way up saw me using it and asked if they could have some because the mosquitos were huge.”

9. Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Someone said, “A carbon monoxide alarm for those ill-maintained Airbnbs, etc. It’s unlikely to go off, but if it does, the alternative would be death.”

10. Travel Cutlery

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“Travel cutlery set! On work trips, sometimes I’ll order food delivery or just binge on cup noodles after a long day, and that tiny little teaspoon has ruined more nights than I can remember!” mentioned one user.

11. Sleeping Accessories

Eye mask and earplugs
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Someone commented, “Soft earplugs and a sleeping mask for when you have loud people staying with you or a late night party is going on in the hotel room next to you. Or a street lamp is shining brightly into your room when you’re trying to sleep etc. These have saved me SO many times. I’m useless without a decent night’s sleep.”

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