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We all have our preferences when it comes to where we shop. Sometimes, out of convenience, others because they carry items we can’t find anywhere else. When it comes to Sam’s Club and Costco, there are some big differences, but is Costco better? People shared their opinions in a popular online forum, here are some of the top responses.

1. Long Lines

Long line of people with carts standing outside of Costco
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It always seems to be busy at Costco. One person compared it to a busy fast food restaurant, saying, “Costco checkout lanes are like Chick-fil-A. But you’ll be through them before you know it.”

2. Store Brands

Bottle of Member's Mark cilantro in Sam's Club
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Costco’s house brand, Kirkland, seems to outweigh Sam’s Club’s Members Mark.

“I’m about thirty minutes from a Costco and ten from a Sam’s Club, and I’ve thought about switching for that reason, but the thought of losing access to Kirkland’s is what’s been stopping me,” someone shared.

3. Food Quality

Front of a Sam's Club store
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“My roommates and I did a test of this. We got the same food items from Costco and Sam’s Club, and the Sam’s Club food was noticeably, sometimes disgustingly, worse,” someone said.

4. Liveable Wages

View of Costco store from parking lot
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Another user commented on the discrepancy in pay, offering, “Costco is an entirely different animal. It pays something close to living wages, has actual advancement opportunities, and isn’t trying to get the government to pick up the tab for them.”

5. Consistent Store Layout

Aisle inside Costco store
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“The groceries were cheaper, the item layout is consistently in the same places, parking was always nice and organized with people getting in and out with ease,” a person said.

6. It’s the Same

Sign with Walmart and Sam's Club
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“Everything you can find in a Walmart, you can probably find in Sam’s Club, too,” someone said.

With Sam’s Club and Walmart being part of the same company, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

7. Treatment

Costco employees inside a store
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“I have never met a former or current Costco employee who hated the job. I can’t say the same for Sam’s. I’ll stick to the place that provides better prices and a work environment,” someone said.

8. Better Pricing

People shopping in Costco
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Someone shared, “My fiance and I did some tests where we price-checked the same items at several locations for each chain and found Costco was the better deal anyway.

9. Payment Limits

Person holding Costco card and receipt
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“If Sam’s Club had Costco’s selection it would be perfect, but the Visa exclusivity is annoying. I love my Discover and Mastercard,” someone said.

10. Food Court

People in line at Costco food court
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Costco’s famous hot dog combo seems to have some competition.

“The hot dog and soda at Costco were better than Sam’s Club’s version, but Sam’s Club had better pizza,” someone responded.

11. Customer Service

Customer service desk inside Costco
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A user said, “Costco is known for its great customer service (I’ve been told relative to other places). Part of why they move products around every week is so you’d ask someone where to find things and that you deal with their customer service.”

12. Alcohol

Boxes of Kirkland vodka in Costco
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“Their Kirkland alcohol is even dirt cheap. I bought a large bottle of whiskey that’s just okay enough to take shots but excellent for mixed drinks. I heard their vodka and tequila is even passable,” a person said.

13. Wide Rolls

Skids of Kirkland toilet paper in Costco store
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Someone said, “I like both for different reasons. However, I prefer Costco because wide-roll toilet paper is LIFE. I don’t know anywhere else that still sells wide roll TP.”

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