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Making meals for one person can be overwhelming; you may find yourself wasting a lot of food or sick of having to eat the same meal all week long. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re shopping for one, check out these 13 tips to save your wallet and your sanity.

1. Buy Meat in Bulk

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When buying in bulk, you can get a deal on the price of the meat overall. Then, you can portion them out into meals for the week.

2. Freeze the Extra

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Having an extra freezer is handy. You can always freeze extras instead of wasting food when you make or purchase too much.

3. Leftovers

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When cooking for one, leftovers are a common occurrence. You don’t necessarily need to have the leftovers the next day. You can freeze it for easy meal prep in the future.

4. Easy Meals

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Making easy meals is a great way to control your portions. They often don’t require many ingredients; this way, you are not stuck with leftover ingredients from recipes you will never use again.

5. Dried Pantry Goods

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Dried pantry goods like rice and beans are a great way not to let food go to waste. They keep for an extended period of time and are easy to control for portions.

6. Organic Milk

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Buying organic milk will help you save money in the long run because, unlike regular milk, the organic type lasts a lot longer.

7. Weekly Meal Plan

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Creating weekly meal plans allows you to control what you purchase in-store and reuse ingredients for different dishes throughout the week. Choose meals that are close in preparation style because you can turn one meal into a whole new meal just by switching up a few ingredients.

8. One Dish Meals

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Most one-dish meals like stir-fry, casseroles, and noodle dishes taste way better on the second day. The same goes for chilies, stews, and curries, which all can be made easily in a crock pot and are simple to reheat.

9. Mug Cakes

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If you’re craving cake, skip the bakery and make yourself a single-serve mug cake. They’re very simple; you only need a mug, cake mix, and a microwave.

10. Rotisserie Chicken

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Purchasing a rotisserie chicken can save you some time on cooking, but it also works well for use throughout the week for one person for different meals. They’re cost-effective, versatile, and easily found in most grocery stores.

11. Breakfast for Dinner

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Dinner can be something other than a fully cooked meal in an oven. Get creative and make easy meals like breakfast for dinner. Things like eggs or oatmeal are excellent, cost-effective options where you can easily control portion sizing.

12. Buy Canned Goods

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When buying canned products, most people consider purchasing canned beans or veggies. It doesn’t always have to be the case. There are also great options for fruit and meats!

13. Veggies

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Not only are vegetables great for you, but they are also a great way to fill up for dinner. Veggies are most affordable and taste best when purchased in-season. Eat them raw or cooked throughout the week.

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