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Dealing with a narcissist can be mentally and physically draining. Identifying their traits is the first step towards protecting yourself from their manipulative behavior. Today, we’re sharing some clear signs of a narcissist and what you can watch out for in your interactions with them.

1. They Try To Control You

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Narcissists thrive on control and dominance. They’ll never be okay with you doing what you want to do for joy. They’ll constantly try to dictate your actions and decisions, leaving little room for your independence or happiness.

2. They Live in the Same Cycle

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Compulsive lying over small things and an intense fear of losing control over others are common traits. They’ll go to great lengths to sneakily destroy relationships because they need that sense of power. It’s a classic “rule for thee but not for me.”

3. They’re Jealous

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Narcissists crave constant attention and admiration. They can’t stand the thought of someone else being the center of attention or receiving praise. Their jealousy takes over.

4. They Have No Emotion

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They have a complete lack of empathy. Even when someone is in distress, a narcissist will show no genuine concern. Their heart seems made of ice, incapable of feeling for others.

5. They’re Selfish

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Narcissists expect you to bend over backward to meet their needs and desires, but they won’t lift a finger to help you in return. They only invest effort in things that directly benefit them, leaving you feeling neglected and unappreciated.

6. They’re Needy

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Conversations with narcissists revolve around them. They’ll make you seem like your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. It’s a one-sided interaction that drains your energy.

7. They’re Not Reasonable

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Narcissists have a past for twisting situations to make themselves the victims. You’ll find yourself blamed for things you had no control over, leaving you feeling unjustly accused.

8. They Intentionally Hurt You

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They’ll go to great lengths to identify what you cherish most and then try to destroy it. They derive satisfaction from causing you consistent misery.

9. They’re Predictable

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One way to spot a narcissist is by examining their eyes. They often have a “flat” or insincere look. When seeking sympathy, they employ the “doe-eyed” look to manipulate others, but genuine emotions are absent.

10. They’re Smarter Than They Appear

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Narcissists are skilled at rewriting history and narratives to suit their current agenda. They’ll manipulate the truth to maintain their desired image and control situations.

11. They Can’t Take Accountability

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When confronted about their actions, narcissists deflect blame and make you believe you were in the wrong. They rarely admit to any mistakes.

12. They Can’t Be Happy for You

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Everything becomes a competition for narcissists. They can’t genuinely celebrate your achievements because it threatens their sense of superiority. Their compliments are few and far between, as they refuse to acknowledge your successes.

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