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Going on a vacation is exciting. When deciding what to pack, you must consider many things, like what you will be doing, the climate, your comfort, medical needs, etc. Here is a list of items you should consider bringing on your next vacation.

1. Resealable Bags

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Bringing the larger bags with you on your next vacation is smart. They can be used in many ways. They can hold wet clothing, keep leftovers, organize your luggage, and more.

2. Utensils

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When staying in hotels with a mini-fridge or a microwave, you are bound to make your own food or bring some back from a restaurant. If you pack some or leave a few in your glove box in the car, you will always have them when the hotel room doesn’t.

3. Multi-Plug Extension Cord

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Bringing the 6’ long extension cord allows easy access to plugs in weird locations. Or if your room doesn’t have a plug near the bed, you can access it from a distance.

4. Coffee and Tea

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Ensuring you pack a bit of instant coffee or tea will allow you to get your caffeine fix, even if the room doesn’t supply any for you.

5. Immodium

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When traveling, you are bound to be eating a lot of different types of food you aren’t used to. Packaging a bit of Immodium in your luggage is a godsend for when that issue arises. It saves you from traveling around looking for some when you need it the most.

6. Night Light

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Lots of hotel rooms are designed to be pitch black. If you get up in the night, you don’t want to be turning on a bright light or walking into a wall. Consider packing a small nightlight to avoid any late-night injuries.

7. Band-Aids

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Keeping a few bandaids handy is a great idea when traveling. Not only are they good for any cuts or scrapes, but if you do a lot of walking on your vacation, you could get blisters.

8. Hand Sanitizer

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For obvious sanitation reasons, hand sanitizer is a must when traveling. You will only sometimes be near a sink to wash your hands. It also comes in handy for sanitizing surfaces as well.

9. A Fan

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A fan is a great addition, depending on where you travel. Not all locations have air conditioning; you can’t always count on it working well. Also, sleeping at night can help drown out sounds from others in the area.

10. Tape

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Bringing a small roll of tape or even having the tape stuck to something you can easily remove is handy for placing over annoying lights at night.

11. Heating Pad

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If where you are is cold and you don’t have control over the room temperature, having a heating pad is a godsend. It also helps if you have strained muscles that need some relief.

12. Sleep Mask

Eye mask and earplugs
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Not all hotel rooms have blackout curtains. For those with lighter curtains that allow the light to come through, it can be annoying late at night when trying to sleep. The sleep mask allows for that blackout experience when falling asleep.

13. Large Bags

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A few larger bags, like the Ikea ones, are super handy if you are going on vacation and must bring many items. For example, when going to the beach, you must bring your towels, snacks, sunscreen, etc.

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