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We’ve all heard of the stereotypical employee personalities in movies and TV shows, the boss’ pet or the goodie-two-shoes, but there are so many more personalities out there. One of the most interesting places to look for these personalities is the workplace. Here are 14 of the most stereotypical personalities you likely have in your office. 

1. Mr. or Mrs. Chill

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This is the guy or girl who is chill and fun to be around all the time. They never seem to be worried or stressed about anything, and you rarely see them do any actual work; however, they are among the top performers in the company. They tend to be charismatic and charming, and you can’t help but wonder how they juggle it all and make it look so easy.

2. The Wannabe Manager

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In every team, there’s always one person who likes to pretend they’re the manager when the boss is out. These people often step on everyone’s toes by acting like micromanagers, sticking their noses into other people’s work where it doesn’t belong. It’s this type of behavior that tends to rub people the wrong way, and they become disliked by their colleagues. 

3. The One Upper

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This person is easy to spot; no matter what you accomplish, they’ve accomplished more. For example, if you completed five tasks today, they completed six. It’s always a competition for them, and they’re constantly searching for ways to make themselves look superior. The good thing is that most people can see right through this type of behavior and rarely take this person seriously.

4. The Talker

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This person does not understand what it means to be concise. In a meeting, it takes them three minutes to make a single point; in a timed presentation, they always go over. They’re also the type of person that if you stop to chat and ask them how it’s going, you’ll be stuck talking to them for at least a half hour. If you don’t want to get into a long conversation, it’s best to avoid asking them any questions.

5. The Unofficial Therapist

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In every workplace, there’s always one person that people turn to for advice. This person has generally been in their role for quite a while and is regarded as a valuable team member whose opinion is deeply valued and trusted. Sometimes, people think so highly of this person that they turn to them for advice about things that aren’t even work-related; they are incredibly approachable, empathetic, and genuinely want to help. 

6. The Untouchable One

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You know this person – they are the ones that never do anything wrong in your boss’ eyes. They can disappear for six hours, do nothing, and everything is fine. By contrast, if you stop working for 30 seconds, then your boss is immediately on your case, asking you why you’re wasting time. The same is true if this person makes a mistake – the boss sweeps it under the rug as if nothing ever happened. As a colleague, it can be incredibly frustrating because, in every situation, it feels like there is an unfair double standard.

7. Two-Face

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This one is as straightforward as it sounds – this person behaves completely differently when management is around compared to when it’s just colleagues. They typically will suck up to any management folks, but as soon as they’re gone, they’re the first ones to start trashing their boss and upper management. The most frustrating thing about this person is that their butt-kissing management often helps them make their way up the chain, which can be tricky since you know they can’t be trusted.

8. The Ask-hole

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Do you know that one coworker who asks everyone on your team for their opinions and advice on everything, only to turn around and do what they originally wanted to do anyway? It always feels like a waste of time talking to this person because you know whatever information you share with them will ultimately be disregarded. In addition, they also enjoy asking questions just to tell you why your opinion is wrong.

9. The Grouch

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The so-called “grouch” of the department tends to be an older team member who has worked at the company for years. They often brag about how they have been doing this job longer than some of their other colleagues have even been alive. They groan about any task they are asked to complete and usually have lost all motivation to perform their job or share their knowledge with newer colleagues. They are generally unpleasant to be around, and most people figure out that it’s best to just leave them alone until they eventually quit or retire.

10. The Brooding Philosopher

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This person is someone who has a very strategic mind and often this person is the one who can spot the deep and complex issues that put the business at risk for failure. Unfortunately, others don’t seem to listen to this person despite their predictions usually being right. People sometimes view this person as a pessimist for pointing out risks rather than opportunities, which tends to isolate them from the rest of their team.

11. The Quiet Minimalist

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This person is called a minimalist for a reason – they do the absolute bare minimum to keep their job and always do their best to look busy. They make it very clear that they don’t have time for chit-chat because they are SO busy. But don’t be surprised when you find them socializing with colleagues from other teams in the breakroom – they only feel the need to appear busy to those on their team so they don’t get assigned more work. 

12. The Background Character

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The background character usually just blends in – they do their best not to stand out. They show up on time, do exactly what is required of them, and leave the second their workday is over. These people aren’t interested in building connections with anyone they work with, so they usually keep to themselves. When you do speak to them, it’s only ever about work-related topics. 

13. Everyone’s Go-To

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There’s always someone who keeps things running smoothly. They are known for getting stuff done and are usually seen as the person to go to when you have a problem. They’re so good at their job that people pile the work on them because they can trust that it will be done quickly and done right. Sometimes they are also viewed as a pushover as they rarely say no to anyone, which can be a result of people-pleasing tendencies.

14. The Secret Keeper

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Every office has workplace gossip, and there’s always one person who has the tea. Everyone spills the gossip to this unassuming person; they are trustworthy but usually not part of the “main” group. This person tends to be friendly, so people feel comfortable opening up to them, but they are also quiet and don’t get involved with drama. Despite knowing everything about everyone, they don’t spread it around, only sharing their knowledge with their closest and trusted work besties.

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