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As a child, most of us had a vague idea of what we wanted to do when we grew up. Some jobs might have been slightly unattainable or realistic, but as we got older, our interests might have shifted, or we were brought back to the reality of what we could obtain. Women took to an online forum to share what they do for work and how much money they earn. Here are some of the top answers.

1. Dog Groomer

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“$50k a year dog grooming four days a week. I absolutely adore my job,” someone said.

Someone else responded, “This is cool! I see a lot of TikToks from groomers who say the job ruined their passion for pets.”

2. Technical Writer

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Technical Writer, and I make $160,000 a year. I got into it by doing document control work. I started learning how to do more tasks and learn new software and other tools and took it from there.

3. Diesel Mechanic

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“I’m a diesel mechanic in the oilfield. I make about $40/hr, but with all the mandatory overtime, I gross about $200,000/yr,” one woman said.

4. Exotic Dancer

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Another offered, “When I was an exotic dancer, I made up to $10k a month. I’m retired now, but it’s nice to have a super lucrative job to fall back on if my partner and I break up.”

5. Comic Book Artist

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“I’m a professional comic book artist. Money is kind of all over the place because it’s all contract-based freelance work. Currently, I’m doing a job where I get $25/hour, one where I get $325/week, one where I get $100/page, and one where I get $20,000 per book. I’m set to make about $50,000 this year, maybe more if I get another really good gig,” commented one user.

6. Accountant

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“I’m an accountant (not CPA certified) and make $70k a year. Could probably make more at a different company now that I have a few years of experience,” somebody said.

7. Travel ICU Nurse

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“Travel ICU nurse currently making around ~$9200/month take-home pay with my present contract. Before I switched to travel contracts, I was making around $3500-4000/month as a staff nurse at a large university hospital. I don’t love nursing, but it has given me opportunities I’m not sure I would’ve had otherwise.”

8. Clinical Trials Manager

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One woman commented, “I used to be a speech pathologist, earning $48k/year USD, but I changed career paths a year ago. Now I work as an oncology clinical trials manager, earning $150k/year USD, not inclusive of bonuses, consulting fees, and gifts received by pharmaceutical companies (which mostly come in the form of food).”

9. Business Owner

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“I co-own a small construction company with my spouse. The company earns $110-150k a year. I make about $35k, and the rest stays in the company for overhead and investment/savings,” a person said.

10. Esthetician

Aesthetician performing a facial on her client
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“Esthetician (facialist and skincare specialist), my pay is $17 an hour. My average tip per service is also around $17 (generally varies from $10-$40). Services are 45 minutes or an hour and 15. My spa is pretty busy, so I am almost always fully booked with clients. I usually earn at least $27-$50 an hour, with an average of $35 an hour; this includes a 10% commission on product sales,” shared one woman.

Another woman in the same field added, “Licensed esthetician, three days a week, 52k gross pay yearly.”

11. Retail Manager

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Someone shared, “Retail manager—$83k/year. After five years, it will be $103k/year. In the US. The only bad thing is that will be the highest I can go unless my company restructures the pay by then.”

12. Dog Sitter

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“I just graduated recently with my bachelor’s, so entering postgrad life, but I dogsit making $72 a night while I get to live away from my family and apply for jobs with dogs I love,” someone said.

13. Jewelry Clerical

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One woman replied, “Jewelry clerical (retail) at a big-name store. I make $17.50 an hour part-time, but they pay for me to go to school for a bachelor’s, so that’s pretty awesome.”

14. Design Director

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“Design Director at a private digital firm, $150k (USD) a year. Ten years ago, I was earning $38k (USD) a year, just starting out. Change companies when you can!”

15. Lawyer

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“Lawyer. $130K+ for part-time (30 hrs/week) work-from-home. I’ve had to grind my way through a series of toxic, thankless jobs to get here, but I’m never going back,” someone said.

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